Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Lion Guard on Disney Junior + Giveaway

One of the greatest animated movies as well as a favorite of mine is The Lion King. I laughed and I cried as I watched the movie, back in 1994 when I was still in secondary school. Then, when I was a little older and started working in the UK, I went to see The Lion King musical with Hubby in London and it was amazing! I've always been mesmerised by the story, animation and music of The Lion King.

New on Disney Junior is The Lion Guard, that continues the tradition of family and music from the award-winning Disney classic The Lion King. The Lion Guard follows the adventures of Simba and Nala's son, Kion as he learns how to be the leader of the Lion Guard, a legendary team that protects the Pride Lands.

The Lion Guard series is designed to communicate positive lessons about team work, community and diversity. Watch as the diverse team of young animals learn how to combine their unique skills to work together in each episode. Each member of the Lion Guard has a special skill: Kion is the Fiercest, Bunga is the Bravest, Fuli is the Fastest, Beshte is the Strongest, and Ono is the Keenest of Sight.

Each episode of The Lion Guard incorporates Swahili words and phrases, to link to its African heritage, such as, Kion’s catchphrase ‘Hevi kabisa!’ which means ‘Totally intense!’. To make the animal characters as close to real life as possible, the Education and Science experts at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park served as consultants.

And that's not all - you can also find your favourite characters from The Lion King in this series, including Simba, Nala, Raffiki, Zazu, Mufasa, Timon, and Pumbaa, who will be offering their advice to the new Lion Guard.

When I asked Baby D which is his favorite character from The Lion Guard, he exclaimed "Kion"! Kion is Simba and Nala's second child, and possesses the Roar of the Elders, a magical gift that causes the lion spirits of The Pride Lands past to roar with him, making his roar very powerful. This gift is traditionally given to the second-born, with the last owner being Scar, who used it for evil (and hence lost the gift). "Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to scare away the hyenas (aka the bad guys)", " Baby D tells me excitedly.

Another favorite character of ours is Bunga, a honey badger who is the adopted nephew of Timon and Pumbaa, the funny duo from The Lion King. He is fearless, adventurous and impulsive, however he is also the bravest and will put himself in harm's way in order to save his friends. His catchphrase is "Zuka Zama," which means "Get up, dive in" in Swahili! What we like best about Bunga is that he is very optimistic and can turn even the most dire of situations into a fantastic time.

Don't forget to catch The Lion Guard on Disney Junior (Astro Channel 613) every Monday at 9.30am!


I am also doing a giveaway here in collaboration with Disney Junior! All you need to do is to answer this question in the comment section:

Which member of The Lion Guard is your favourite and why?

Leave your answer and email in the comment section and stand a chance to win The Lion Guard mini hamper. 5 lucky winners will be chosen!

Do comment by 26th June 2016. Good luck to you!

Congratulations to these winners!
Choi Yen
Jenny Lim
Small Kucing
Christine Leng

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  1. The Lion King, my girl grew up watching that and of course, I watched with her...dunno how many times - I loved that warthog! Wish I could get to watch the musical someday.

  2. I like Beshte because hippo always my favourite animal. Beshte is kind and friendly, there is no reason not to like him!

  3. I like the honey badger, Bunga as he is cheerful & bravest among all. He is ever ready to save his friends.
    Email :

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Kion because he is strong and has a powerful roar!


  6. Lol...jom lion guards go buka puasa ...joking la

    My favourite ah...would be Ono coz happy-go-lucky and easy going. Love that attitude

  7. My favourite would have to be KION! Cos he's like our Mini C, the fiercest and also has the naughty cuteness! haha. Both has that stunning ROAR! :)

  8. Bunga, he is brave & optimistic. :P



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