Friday, May 20, 2016

Ronald McDonald House Charities x The Angry Birds Movie

"Mummy, it's Angry Birds Day today!", my boy said excitedly when he greeted me on the morning of the Angry Birds screening.

Ever since we saw the movie preview and posters when we were at the cinema last, Baby D has been telling me how much he wants to see The Angry Birds Movie. When McDonald's launched their Happy Meal Angry Birds edition, guess who asked to go so that he could get the free toy. We were impressed that even the Happy Meal box as well as drink cups and pie boxes had the cute Angry Birds branding on them.

We were invited by McDonald's & Ronald McDonald House Charities last weekend to join them at TGV 1Utama to watch The Angry Birds Movie, together with children from 10 underprivileged homes, as well as DJs and winners of Sinar FM Radio Contest. The bubbly Ronald McDonald was there to greet us and of course, we snapped a few photos with him. :)

The children from the underprivileged homes were excited to see Ronald McDonald too, and shortly after the Angry Birds characters - Red, Bomb and Chuck made their appearance. It was an exhilarating experience for our kids (and us lol) to meet the Angry Birds characters.

Bomb, Red, Chuck and BabySumoKids

Breakfast was kindly arranged for all to enjoy before the movie screening. Then, we gathered in the cinema and RMHC (Royal McDonald House Charities) President and Ronald McDonald both presented cheques amounting to RM5,000 each to the ten homes. It was a heartwarming moment, as the children cheered as the head of their homes received the cheque.

And then it was movie time!  A lot of laughter echoed throughout the cinema hall as The Angry Birds Movie began; the excitement of seeing the familiar Angry Birds characters on the big screen and their hilarious antics made for an enjoyable movie. Without giving out too much on the storyline, I can safely say that my 5 and 7 year old children understood the storyline and the majority of the jokes in this family movie. We laughed out loud together and watched intently as the story unfolded. Popcorn was generously provided on every seat in the cinema; everyone was happily munching away and engrossed by the entertainment on the big screen in front of us.

Thank you to McDonald's & RMHC Malaysia for having us at this fun movie experience.

Say Cheeseburger

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