Saturday, September 19, 2015

Menya Musashi, Intermark, KL

Update March 2017: This outlet has been replaced with Senya Dining.

It has been a while since we visited Menya Musashi in Intermark for ramen, and it looks like they have revamped their menu slightly. Now you will be able to get 5 types of soupy ramen - Samurai Ramen (onion flavour), Musashi Ramen (chilli flavour), Ninja Ramen (garlic flavour), Miso Ramen and Shoyu Ramen. Most of the soupy ramens now are served with thin Hakata noodle, only the miso ramen and dipping noodle (tsukemen) comes with thick tamago (egg) noodles. They also offer kids ramen at RM7.

Tsukemen (RM20)

Hubby went for the Samurai ramen; ramen served in an onion-flavoured tonkotsu broth, two slices of  char siew, wood ear fungus, spring onion and egg. The broth was rich and delicious, and as always, the eggs are beautifully soft and runny in the centre.

I had the dipping noodles, which is now different from the ones I used to have here. They now add bonito flakes on top of the dipping sauce, and instead of the char siew pork slices, we got like chunks of pork in the dipping sauce noodle. It's not bad but I prefer the previous version more.

Samurai Ramen (RM19.80)

Ramen menu. They also dinner set menu now.


Opening times: 11am to 10pm daily.

Price: Total bill RM47.50

Location: Menya Musashi, LC-01-05, Lower Concourse, Intermark Mall, The Intermark, 348 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2181 7199

GPS Coordinates: 3.161620, 101.719670

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  1. looks tasty and price is cheap too. i miss the one at empire mall at subang jaya. one of the the best.

  2. I've yet to try this place! It tops my list for what to eat next!


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