Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ramadan Bazaar 2013 @ Alam Damai, KL

It has been raining almost evening here in KL, which makes it quite difficult for us to visit the Ramadan Bazaars. Finally, it stayed dry last weekend so we proceeded to visit another bazaar nearby, the Ramadan Bazaar Alam Damai. The bazaar is located in the car park near OCBC bank. 

There are only around 10-12 stalls here, but there is a good enough variety for you to have a good buka puasa dinner with your family. You can find murtabak, assam laksa, meehoon, samosa, kuih-muih (tepung pelita, kuih lapis, kuih ubi kayu, onde-onde, kuih talam), ayam percik, nasi ambeng, nasi biryani, roti john, ayam panggang, ayam percik, nasi kerabu and cucur udang. We've been a couple of times now, but each time only to get some kuih since we have had dinner already. Planning to go sometime this week to try some of the savouries such as the nasi ambeng (stall operated by Tumes Cafe owners) and assam laksa. 

The Ramadan Bazaar Alam Damai

Murtabak ayam/daging

Assam laksa / mee hoon sup


Kuih tepung pelita

Lauk-pauk (assortment of Malay dishes)

The kids fav stall

More samosas

Nasi ambeng

Chicken for the nasi briyani

Dadih (jelly) and drinks

Cucur udang

Ayam panggang

Ayam percik

Happy to see cucur udang (deep fried prawn fritters) here, a pack for RM3

My kids like to peel off layer by layer from the kuih lapis, do you eat it like this too? I also liked the kuih made from ubi kayu- really good. Onde-onde, bought it 2 nights in a row.

Free bubur lambuk (a popular dish during puasa months, porridge with beef and spices)

On several other visits, we tried the roti jala (directly translated to "net bread") with chicken curry, assam laksa (prefer the one at Ramadan Bazaar BTHO a lot more), nasi kerabu (I like the one here), a sambal fried fish from the lauk stall, and nasi ambeng papa from Tumes Cafe stall.

Roti jala (RM3)

Roti jala in the making

Nasi kerabu (RM4.50) plus fish from another stall (RM3) - very tasty

Beef samosa (RM0.80)

Nasi ambeng papa (like this one too) - white rice, ayam masak merah, sambal goreng, mee goreng, serunding kelapa, sambal tumis and ikan masin (salted fish).

26/7/13 When I saw Tumes Cafe's status update on FB that they were selling soto ayam with bergedil (RM5)and Ar-Rayyan Biryani with Ayam Masak Merah (RM7), I immediately told my mum that we were not cooking that evening. Both were very good, but we were particularly impressed wth the ayam masak merah - very flavorful.

Mee soto ayam with bergedil

Ar-Rayyan Biryani with Ayam Masak Merah

Beef rendang (RM4) from the lauk-pauk stall - also very good

Kuih kosui (RM2)

Kuih seri muka - really good! Can taste the santan.

Most stalls operate from 4pm to 7.30pm.

Location: Ramadan Bazaar Alam Damai, The Corner, 29 Jalan Damai Niaga, Alam Damai, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.  (near OCBC Bank)

GPS Coordinates: 3.074417, 101.735952

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  1. I think later in the evening...I wanna drop by the pasar malam at my neighborhood to get some Assam Laksa and Satay lar... :-D

  2. That chicken rendang looks so good!

  3. I used to love visiting the Ramadan bazaars in Damansara Utama many, many years ago (now no more) and buy all sorts of delicious food. Ironically, when my Muslim friends are fasting, I get fat :D

  4. Hi, Yen, I'm back! You are right, I can find many food that I like, for instance the chicken, the roti & the prawns!

  5. You definitely got there at the right time, looks nice and calm! I love the ramadhan markets...

  6. cheerful-looking bazaar! i can't resist juicy, flavorful ayam panggang, so that'd be my pick! (though i haven't been this year to a pasar ramadan yet)

  7. Cucur udang! Haven't had that for ages..

  8. I had some Malaysian food tonight-yum! And I eat the kueh like that too-layer by layer is fun :)

  9. Hi Yen! Love the festive feeling!

    BTW, what's Nasi Ambeng?

    1. Nasi ambeng is something like nasi lemak but using white rice with some dishes on the side

      It originated from Indonesia.

  10. Not so crowded and spacious, good! Bazaar Ramadan near my place always so packed, have to squeeze near the stall to buy food >.<

  11. How I wish I can go to this Ramadan Bazaar; So many mouth watering food that I love & miss eating ! Murtabak is my all time favorite, so I guess I'll start with that! LOL

  12. rumah saya hanya 5 minit dari pasar ramadhan tetapi semalam ( 29/07/2013 ) saya dengan keluarga begitu hampa apabila sampai di pasar ramadhan jam 5.30 petang hannya ada 2 payung sahaja yang menjual,alangkah hampanya kami....raya masih jauh lagi dan adakah ini sifat2 peniaga org2 melayu bila dah untung banyak dan ikut suka bila nak berniaga atau tidak..kalau dah rasmi jadi peniaga di bazar ramadhan jalani lah tanggungjawap sebagai peniaga..sekian.

  13. Berniaga mesti ada strategi siapa yg sanggup tanggung resiko jika pelanggan xde pada hari2 tertentu...


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