Sunday, June 9, 2013

Revisit: Japan Restaurant Ishihara, Nürnberg, Germany

We were in Nürnberg for a day trip so a visit to Ishihara, one of my favourite Japanese restaurant in the area was warranted. My first visit here was great and I've been heading back here whenever I have had the craving for some good teppanyaki in Germany.

Seafood teppanyaki in the making

The sky is undecided if it's in a good or a bad mood

Located on the same block as the Historische Bratwurst Kuche, a famous bratwurst joint in Nürnberg

The decor hasn't changed since back then

Green tea to warm up the cold

Small starter of pickled bean sprouts

Dish 1: Sakana (€13.50) - Juicy salmon, king prawns, calamari and assorted vegetables

Voila! Perfectly cooked dish with beautiful smokey flavours and wonderful textures.

Dish 2: "Sukiyaki" (€13.80): The restaurant's own way of serving a traditional Japanese hotpot dish

Various dishes from other customers being prepared

Verdict: The food is as good as ever and prices are pretty much the same, except for the Unagi dish which has been significantly more expensive.

Location: Japan Restaurant Ishihara, Schottengasse 3, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany

Opening times: 12:00 to 14:30 for lunch, 18:00 to 22:00 for dinner, Closed on Sundays

Tel: +49 0911 22 63 95


*This is a guest post by The Unc.


  1. Its a very inspiring place. Lovely photos

  2. Fun open-kitchen cooking. I haven't had teppanyaki in quite awhile. Will aim for it on a rainy night someday maybe =)

  3. wa looks mouthwatering! Nothing beats seeing them cooking your food in front of you.

  4. At least they have a Japanese chef...unlike our local ones, ciplak ones most places.

  5. great post, the unc! Love that they can do good Japanese in Nuremberg.. i guess the selection of cold water fish must be super fresh! :)


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