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Knowhere Bangsar: Citarasa Gemilang (Merdeka Special Menu)

To celebrate Malaysia's 63rd Independence Day, Knowhere Bangsar has launched the Citarasa Gemilang menu, featuring a total of 14 dishes that best represent Malaysia and its 13 states. Among the mouthwatering dishes you will find on this Merdeka special menu include Mee kolok, Laksa Johor, Tuaran mee, and Keropok lekor, all with Knowhere's unique twist. 

Knowhere Bangsar Citarasa Gemilang

We started off with the Cone Inchi Kabin (RM18.80), inspired by the Nyonya-style fried chicken from Melaka. Crispy popiah cones are filled with golden deep fried chicken, which has been marinated with over 10 spices and coconut milk, and then drizzled with spicy butter garlic sauce. This certainly perked up our appetites, with its wonderful aroma and multitude of flavours.

We also loved the Cheesy lekor (RM19.80), the delicious deep fried fish sausage snack from Terengganu, made better with oozy melty cheese topping, served with homemade sweet chilli sauce. 

For mains, there are plenty of noodle and rice dishes to choose from. The Bambootiful Char Siew (Selangor - RM25.80) features smoky chicken char siew with bamboo steamed butter rice, anchovy soup and homemade chilli sauce. 

The Inkredible Laksa (RM29.80) is Knowhere's take on the famous Laksa Johor; using squid ink pasta instead of regular spaghetti, tossed in a delicious and wickedly spicy laksa broth and topped with large, juicy grilled tiger prawns. 

My personal favourite was the Tuaran Grilled Calamari (RM35.80), super flavorful stir fried Tuaran noodles topped with freshly grilled Sabah squid. Hearty, wholesome goodness!

The chefs at Knowhere wanted to create a pizza representative of Malaysian flavours, and came up with the Pizza Tempeh Teratai (RM30.80), a crispy Italian-style thin crust pizza featuring dehydrated hibiscus, tempeh and baked lotus root on a sambal tomato base. The marriage of flavours and textures were just great - you can't stop at one slice, for sure!

For dessert, choose from Coconut Lempeng (Pahang - RM19.80), Sushi Mempelam (Perlis - RM18.80) or Tau-Fruit Fah (Perak- RM15.80). For those with a sweet tooth, don't forget to try their cute mocktail, Bahulu Baby (Kedah - RM15.80) too - think soybean, topped with a bruleed creamy vanilla foam top with a bahulu kuih on a stick for garnish!

Knowhere Bangsar Merdeka Menu Knowhere Bangsar Merdeka Menu Knowhere Bangsar Merdeka Menu Knowhere Bangsar Merdeka Menu Knowhere Bangsar Merdeka Menu Knowhere Bangsar 
There are many other interesting dishes on the menu such as Pearl of the Orient (Penang), Chicken Lomak Podeh (Negeri Sembilan), Heaven Mee Kolok (Sarawak), and Pasta Laksam-Mana (Kelantan) - wish we had more tummy space to try them all! See below for the full Citarasa Gemilang menu.  This menu is available until 16 September 2020.

Knowhere Bangsar Citarasa Gemilang Knowhere Bangsar Citarasa Gemilang Knowhere Bangsar Citarasa Gemilang Knowhere Bangsar Citarasa Gemilang Knowhere Bangsar Citarasa Gemilang
Knowhere Bangsar restaurant

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Tel: 010-220 2358

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