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Tail & Fin Malaysia, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, KL

Hailing from Las Vegas, Tail & Fin has landed on Malaysian shores. Serving poke bowls, sushi salad and sushi burrito, it is a fast-casual fusion Japanese restaurant concept using high quality and fresh ingredients.

Currently, they have two outlets in Malaysia - the first one in MyTOWN Shopping Centre (which we visited) and another one in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. The menu is curated by Chef Karu Wedhas, a former Executive Chef of Nobu, one of the world's most recognised Japanese restaurant. This classically-trained sushi chef aims to make it easy, convenient and affordable for everyone to enjoy fresh, raw fish and experience flavours from around the world through Tail & Fin.

They operate a self-service system here; once you have browsed the menu and decided what you're having, head over to one of the user-friendly tablets and place your order. It's simple to use, however if in doubt, one of the friendly staff will assist you. You will get one of the UFO buzzer devices, which functions as a table locator. At the end of your meal, hand the buzzer to the cashier to pay.

Diners can choose from twelve Chef's Signature Creations and enjoy it as a poke bowl, sushi salad, sushi burrito, or pineapple poke bowl, with prices starting from RM11.90. Ingredients (such as protein, toppings and flavor) of each creations are listed out. Soon, you will also get to customise and build your own bowl, from the range of fresh and flavorful ingredients.

We tried a few of Tail & Fin's favorites, such as the Flaming Tuna burrito (RM20.50), It's Stupid Good! pineapple poke bowl (RM24.90), The Omega sushi salad (RM18.90) and Angry Bird poke bowl (RM16.90). The presentation is photogenic, especially the pineapple poke bowl and the ingredients are fresh.  If you like spicy food, go for the ones with jalapeno as they add quite a kick.

Flaming tuna burrito - spicy tuna, surimi crab, Romaine lettuce, seaweed salad, jalapeno, furikake, umami sweet soy. This is pretty similar to a maki sushi roll with nori seaweed wrapping the rice and other filling ingredients. Very tasty, though we had to dig out the jalapeno for the kids.

It's Stupid Good! pineapple poke bowl - tuna or salmon, surimi crab, Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber sunomono, red onion, tempura flakes, yuzu miso, umami sweet soy. Definitely Insta-worthy. The tempura flakes adds a nice crunch to the bowl.

The Omega sushi salad - salmon or tuna, surimi crab, Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, toasted multigrain, Japanese citrus, honey sesame aioli. Possibly the healthiest, low carb option as there is no rice.

Angry Bird poke bowl - grilled chicken, Romaine lettuce, red onion, jalapeno, cornflakes, teriyaki, chilli garlic aioli. The kid's favorite, it smelt fantastic when the bowl hit our table and the grilled chicken definitely tasted as good as it smelt.

The Sushi Taco was without a doubt our favourite; the proportion was spot on and each mouthful was delicious and well-balanced. Go for the Taco platter (RM28.90), which comes with 4 tacos with 4 different toppings (two spicy (Flaming Tuna and Yo Adrian) and two non-spicy (It's Stupid Good! and The Omega); this way you get to sample different flavours.

Tail & Fin Malaysia Menu

Location: Tail & Fin Malaysia, L1-043 & L1-068, Level 1 (Opposite IKEA), MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016-3227485

Nearest MRT: Cochrane.

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  1. I like what I see! I must visit the one at The Curve soon.


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