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Yezi 椰子 Premium Coconut Steamboat @ The Roof, Bandar Utama

The current rainy spell in the evenings is the perfect weather for having steamboat. For those looking for something uniquely delicious, check out Yezi Steamboat, located at The Roof 1 First Avenue, which offers coconut-based broth - a first of its kind in Malaysia. 

Even if it's a hot day, no worries - Yezi has it all figured out - their air-conditioning is set low, setting the scene for an evening of hotpot goodness. The elegant restaurant setting along with excellent service, topped with fantastic city skyline views promises a meal fit for a king (and queen). 

Say Yezi to Premium Coconut Steamboat -  椰子

Yezi emphasizes on clean and healthy eating, hence you will find a wide range of organic and semi-organic ingredients, fresh from farm to table, on their menu. Diners can choose from five coconut-broth variants, namely the Organic Yezi broth (RM68), Imperial Canton broth (RM88), Treasures of the Ocean broth (RM68),  Fragrant Shao Xing Wine Seafood broth (RM58) and Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom broth (RM88).

Meatballs, dumplings and pastes are made in-house daily, to ensure utmost freshness. Premium cuts of meat such as Matsusaka beef are flown in weekly from Japan whilst seafood offerings such as crustaceans, shellfish and fish are kept live in tanks awaiting diner's selection.

For our inaugural Yezi experience, we had the Treasures of the Ocean set (RM188) which comes with a crab and coconut broth, with aromatic rice wine. This set also comes with clams, prawn paste and coriander squid balls (as well as prawns and crabs which we didn't have that evening). Yezi uses 100% coconut water which gives the broth a lovely natural sweetness. Furthermore, coconut water is great in aiding digestion.

Our server for the evening, Ahasan, who has been with Yezi since they opened their doors at The Roof, provided us with excellent service throughout the evening. The broth is made from scratch tableside before us; we watched intently as ginger is sauteed with oil, followed by clams and a generous dash of Shao Xing wine, before the addition of the crab and coconut broth. Some coriander is also added to balance the taste of the broth. It smelt amazing! We were invited to taste some of the broth (to see if it is to our liking) - more rice wine can be added if you prefer it stronger.

Fresh clams

Rice wine

Once the broth is ready, our server adds the meatballs and allows it to cook for several minutes. We had three types of balls (each portion comes with four balls) - the black truffle balls (RM24), mui choy pork balls (RM12) and coriander squid balls (RM18). I like how each type of balls had its distinctive flavour eg. if it says black truffle, the black truffle taste hits you as soon as you take a bite. So good! The texture is also meaty and bouncy - you can tell that they're freshly made with premium ingredients.

Amongst the three, my favorite was the black truffle balls followed closely by the coriander squid balls.

Another specialty here at Yezi is their homemade paste, served in a hollowed out bamboo. Diners can choose from fish, prawn, fish and tobiko as well as black truffle squid. We had the prawn paste (RM20) and we loved the texture!

Making our dips to go with the meatballs and other steamboat ingredients. Personally I felt that the ingredients were well-seasoned and didn't require any dipping sauce. 

More condiments to add to your dipping sauce or broth, as you please.

Once we've enjoyed our meatballs, clams and prawn paste, our server then proceeded to cook the signature dumplings (sui kow). We had three types of dumplings - the Imperial seafood dumpling (RM26), Shao Xing pork dumpling (RM12) and coconut dumpling (RM12). Loved the juiciness of the dumplings, however if you want something completely unique, the coconut dumpling is a must-try as it is filled with coconut flesh.

As your meal progresses, the broth is topped up so you can continuously enjoy the sweet tasting soup. For March, Yezi will be offering three of their best sellers in one platter for only RM50; consisting of 100g each of pork neck, pork slice and Iberico meat (usually RM16, RM13 and RM30 respectively). The Iberico pork used comes from organic pigs, fed with nuts. Simply swirl the thinly sliced meat in the hot broth for 20-30 seconds, and enjoy with the dips.

We finished off our steamboat meal nicely with some organic vegetables - Romaine lettuce, Chinese cabbage and spinach (RM10 each).

Coconut with Avocado and Sago (RM25), a simple yet refreshing dessert made using coconut water and avocado puree. No added sugar, purely sweetened by the natural coconut water. This was utterly delicious!

Night view from Yezi

Verdict: Simply one of the best hotpot experiences we've had in Malaysia!

Yezi would like to offer a FREE pork platter with a minimum spend of RM250 at the restaurant. Use Promo code: YEZIGOODYFOODIES. (valid until 30 April 2018)

Opening times: 5pm to 1am daily.

Location: Yezi Premium Steamboat Restaurant, Sky Level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-8605 3388

Nearest MRT: Bandar Utama.


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