Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Crafts For Kids - Santa Claus

Since it's the school holidays and Christmas is fast approaching, this weekend would be a great time to get crafty with your kids. Christmas crafts make great decoration around the house and you will have a fantastic time bonding with your kids too!

Here are two versions of Santa Claus which you can make out of toilet rolls.

Santa Claus 

What you'll need: Toilet roll, Scissors, Cotton ball x 2, Cotton pad, 2 x goggly eyes, Red cloth/felt, Black tie wrap, White paper, Red marker pen, Red paper or red paint, Craft glue/Double sided tape.

Time required: 10 minutes.


1. Paint or cover half the toilet roll with red paint/ red paper. If painting, allow to dry before continuing.

2. Cut a small square and make two slits in the centre, large enough to slide the tie wrap through. Tighten the tie wrap halfway down the Santa's red costume. This will be the belt.

3. Take 1 cotton ball and stick it in between the costume and face. This will be Santa's beard.

4. Stick two eyes and draw a nose using the red marker pen.

5. Cut a circle from the red cloth / felt and then fold into a triangle. Fasten it to the toilet roll, and then stick a cotton ball on the top. Cut the cotton pad into 1cm width and stick around the bottom of the hat (stick onto the toilet roll). And there you have it, a cute Santa decoration!

Santa Stuck in the Chimney

What you'll need: Toilet roll, Scissors, Red paper, Black marker pen, ruler, Thick art paper or another toilet roll, Cotton wool/pad, Cute washi tape or wrapping paper, Craft glue / double sided tape.

Time required: 5 minutes.


1. Cut a piece of red paper large enough to wrap around the toilet roll. Using a ruler and black marker pen, draw lines to mimic brick wall. Then, wrap around the toilet roll and secure using glue / double sided tape.

2. Cut out 2 leg shapes with boots on the thick art paper (or you can use a toilet roll). Colour in the boots with black marker pen and cover the legs with red paper.

3. Cut out a small square on the thick art paper and cover with wrapping paper or cute washi tape. This will be the present.

4. Cut out a sack on the thick art paper and colour in with the black marker pen.

5. Stick the sack onto the toilet roll, and then the gift box on the inside of the toilet roll (aligned with the sack). Finally, stick the legs upside down (boots should stick up in the air), also on the inside of the toilet roll. Cut the cotton wool onto half and stick it just above the boots.

Watch this video - when Santa got stuck in the chimney.. :P

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