Monday, September 9, 2013

Ronnefeldt Teas & Afternoon Tea @ The Lounge, Hilton KL

Ronnefeldt was established in 1823 by Johann Tobias Ronnefeldt in Frankfurt, Germany. The tea experts specialise in importing and blending high quality leaf teas from all major tea-growing countries and supplies them to top hotels and restaurants and independent speciality stores with customised tea selections.

"We may not be the largest tea company in the world, but we're probably the most passionate." - Ronnefeldt

The selection of Ronnefeldt tea at Hilton KL

On August 29 2013, the Tea Master Gold from Ronnefeldt Germany, Mr. Andreas Aufmkolk was in Malaysia to share his knowledge and experience with invited tea lovers at the newly renovated, The Lounge at Hilton KL.

During this special event by Ronnefeldt/Hilton KL, Chef Benoit Chargy of Hilton KL has created a special edition French-inspired three tier tea set. This special tea set was paired with three Ronnefeldt Teas, namely the Darjeeling Summer Gold, Morgentau and Strawberry & Crisp.

This special tea set is filled with freshly baked mini Quiche Lorraine, Feuillete mushroom, Prawn salsa sandwich, Truffle egg sandwiches, Duck rillettes and Salmon and Caviar Croutons. The sweets on the final tier consists of beautifully crafted Macaron Collier de perle chocolat Passion, Green Tea Emeraude, Financier carre Hermes, Religieuse Louis Vuitton, Chanel Hand bag, Chocolate truffle and Mini Crumble mascarpone strawberry.

No doubt this is an exquisite and gorgeous afternoon tea set which will excite the senses. It is available for special events and advance booking at RM75.00++ with a pot of Ronnefeldt Tea/coffee.

Very pretty tea set!

Darjeeling Summer Gold, which is a second flush Darjeeling - Black Tea

 Flavoured Green Tea (Sencha) with mango, lemon and cornflowers – the Morgentau

Flavoured fruit infusion- Strawberry & Crisp. 

Other than the special limited edition tea set, The Lounge also offers on a daily basis regular English or Malaysia three tiers afternoon tea set with a pot of Ronnefeldt tea/coffee, priced at RM60++.

Mr. Andreas Aufmkolk of Ronnefeldt Germany


Price: RM75++ for the special edition French-inspired tea set. RM60++ for regular English or Malaysian three-tier tea set.

Location: The Lounge, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, 3 Jalan Stesen Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +603 2264 2592/2596



  1. Magnificent selection of cakes WOW.

  2. gosh, that looks like one of the most lavish tea sets ever! so many dainty items on it, and they look delicious. a great match with the interesting tea varieties :D

  3. We were there on last Sat! Had coffee and some pastry, hehehe.

  4. Wow....such a beautiful three-tier tea set. Guess I will admire each pieces before popping into my mouth.

  5. I am beyond impressed by their tea set! Individual cake and sandwich is work of art! I definitely want to go there. really, really impressed!

  6. Yen, If I ask my daughter to pick a dessert there, I think she will surely go for the pink handbag, hehe~

  7. Thanks for sharing.
    It is a good place to have a tea party.

  8. Rm75++ for two person included tea??

  9. Rm75++ for two person included tea??

    1. Usually it is per person, but you can ask the hotel if u can share.

  10. french inspired tea set no longer available. so sad... huhu


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