Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mini Macarons @ Marks & Spencer UK

With a mug of tea in our hand, we get ready for a game of chess..

Not just any game of chess.... tonight we are playing macaron chess..

The stakes are high. The winner takes it all. Game ON!

Macaron chess... what a colorful board!

We discovered these macarons by chance when we were shopping in Marks & Spencer in Union Square, Scotland. After getting our food souvenirs/gifts/last minute food we wanted to eat, Hubby saw a box of 12 mini macarons (ok they spelt it macaroons but I hate that spelling so I'm gonna correct it and call it macarons!) - each box comes with 5 different flavours, namely pistachio, lemon, raspberry, vanilla +strawberry and passion fruit. According to the packaging, these are made in France.

To be honest, macarons from a supermarket is unheard of in KL, so we did not really have high expectations. But these macarons turned out to be pretty good - they all had a nice crisp yet airy texture and the fillings all tasted nice too, especially the passion fruit and other citrusy flavours. Sweet, yes, but I guess that's how macarons are. If I knew these were gonna be so good, I would have bought more (maybe even bring some home for my mum in KL) but too bad we had to catch an early flight the next morning.

Marks & Spencer 12 Mini Macaro(o)ns

Price:  GBP5 for 12 mini macaroons.

Location: Marks & Spencer Union Square, Aberdeen, Scotland. They should be available at all M&S nationwide (UK).

*Thanks to everyone who have been posting to this month's Little Thumbs Up that I am hosting. We have over 100 entries to date, really appreciate your support. Am on a short staycation with the family, so will visit your blogs when I get back.


  1. Hi Baby Sumo, the baby macarons look so cute.
    Have a nice staycation with your family.

  2. Hi Yen,

    No worries at all and enjoy your holidays!

    There is lots of links at LTU!!! Everyone seems to love egg cooking and baking...


  3. I think I read that we can now get them at the supermarket here but not in the same amounts as you do overseas! What a cute idea for a chessboard :)

  4. Ooo mini Macarons! If they're smaller in size, I think I could gobble up the entire box on my own. They look very alluring =)

  5. I think the spelling is really macaroons. That's what they've always been in English. M y mum made them years ago.

  6. No, macaroon is the English translation of macaron. But since they're still essentially a French patisserie item, macaron is the best spelling/pronunciation to use. A macaroon as most people know it is something entirely different. A shame that supermarkets don't follow this rule.


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