Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dim Sum, Boston Lobster & Mooncakes @ Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Empire Hotel Subang

It has been more than a year since we had dim sum at Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, and it sure feels good to be back. This time, we were invited back to sample some of their new dim sum items, desserts, their Boston Lobster promotion and also mooncakes. Suffice to say, we had a feast!

The two new fabulous dim sum items that we tried were the steamed three treasure prawn dumpling and the deep fried twin egg roll. Each item comes in 3 pieces per basket and is priced at RM9++. I found the steamed three treasure prawn dumpling very attractive and colorful, thanks to the three ingredients topped on the prawn dumpling - ebikko (fish roe), spinach and mushrooms. The prawns were fresh and bouncy too.

The deep fried twin egg roll consists of century egg and regular hard boiled hen's egg, mixed with prawn and wrapped in pastry and deep fried until golden. Crispy - I like it!

From 1 August - 31 August, there is also a Boston Lobster promotion at Di Wei, whereby diners can enjoy these crustaceans, flown all the way from USA, in 5 different cooking styles. Priced at RM128++ per portion, this promotion is available during both lunch and dinner hours. You can choose to have it in these styles - deep fried with salted egg yolk, oven baked with cheese, deep fried with fried garlic, braised E-fu noodles with lobster and lobster cooked with superior stock.

We tried the two latter cooking styles. The lobsters were meaty, succulent and cooked perfectly. The braised E-fu noodles is probably more filling, since the lobsters get served atop quite a large serving of noodles. If I had to choose though, I would go for the lobster cooked with superior stock since I feel this cooking style really brings out the best in the lobster :)

My luxe lunch :)


Lobster cooked in superior stock

The claws - my favorite part for sure!

We were also served their best-selling dim sum item, the char siu pau (steamed pork buns). For me, these were really enjoyable since the pork meat used is quite lean, an important factor for good char siew pau.

The chefs have also created two new desserts to tempt your palate - the osmanthus with wolfberries jelly and mango puree with crystal noodles. Both these desserts are really pretty to look at and refreshing. I love the mango puree and it's my first eating dessert using chopsticks - why, you ask? The mango puree is served with some crystal noodles (jelly in form of long strands of noodles) which you can pick up and eat using chopsticks.

For Mid-Autumn Festival, Di Wei also have 4 traditional baked (pure lotus single yolk, white lotus single yolk, pandan lotus single yolk, pure white lotus) and 4 snow skin mooncakes (bamboo charcoal single yolk, white lotus single yolk, pandan lotus single yolk, black sesame single yolk) for sale. The mooncakes are priced from RM16.50 to RM22 and available until 19 September 2013. The mooncakes are not too sweet and the ones we tried had a smooth filling. The mooncake gift box is gold in colour (very auspicious!) with a picture of Chang'e (the Moon Goddess).

Baked white lotus single yolk (RM18)

Snow Skin Bamboo Charcoal Single Yolk (RM22)

Baked Pandan Lotus Single Yolk (RM18)

Baked White Lotus Single Yolk 


Opening times: Mon - Fri 11.00pm -3.00pm, 6pm-10pm; Sat-Sun and PH 10.30am-3.00pm, 6.00pm - 10.00pm. (Dim sum hours extended on Sundays and PH 10.30am - 6pm)

Location: Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Empire Hotel Subang, Level 1, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03- 5565 1388

GPS Coordinates: 3.082033, 101.583200


  1. Lobster! I think I will choose the deep fried with salted egg yolk one. hehehe

  2. yummy ! i want to eat everything you posted.

  3. The twin egg roll looks so cool! Also love the black moon cake. Too bad Di Wei is damn far, have to Susa out where else the black ones are sold.

  4. I would love to try the twin egg roll and mango purée dessert. Both look very interesting and new to me:D

  5. those ebiko flowing out of the dimsum, I can dig that :D

  6. The lobster dish, char siu pau and mango puree dessert looks so good!

  7. ooo, i wouldn't know which of the five lobster preparations to choose. all of them sound great, though maybe i'd be partial to the salted egg one! :D the desserts and the mooncakes all look ravishing too :D


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