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A Mini Guide to the Mooncake Festival Fair @ MidValley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur (17 Aug - 12 Sep 2011)

Since we had some free time yesterday, we visited the Mooncake Festival Fair located in Centre Court of Midvalley Megamall at the Lower Ground Floor. Many hotels and bakeries have set up their booths there to showcase their mooncake products. All under one roof, you can sample and buy many different brands of mooncakes without having to drive all over KL city to get them. Here, I have produced a mini guide to highlight what brands are available here, prices, packaging and my take on the mooncakes. Hope that you guys will find it useful.

Chynna, Hilton KL

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I was pleased to find Hilton KL's booth in this mooncake festival fair since their snow skin mooncakes were my favorite this year. Do not miss the Flower Drum, their signature snow skin mooncake of 2011. You will find samples of both baked and snow skin mooncakes here. This booth was the most generous in terms of sample size, which I feel allows customers to truly savour the taste of their mooncakes .

Total no. of flavours: 7 baked & 4 snow skin.

Price: All mooncakes are priced at RM18+.

Lavender Bakery

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Lavender's snow skin mooncakes were a big hit with us last year and our favorite non-hotel brand. Compared to other brands, their snow skin mooncakes are much bigger. The fillings are not too sweet either. They also have a wide range of flavours and most of them are available for sampling.

Total no. of flavours: 17 baked & 12 snow skin.

Price: RM14 and above for snow skin.

Recommended flavour: Bamboo Charcoal Snow Skin Mooncake with White Lotus Paste and Egg Yolk, Golden Jade Paste Pandan Snow Skin & Pine Seed Orange Paste Snow Skin

Haagen Dazs

You can even find Haagen Dazs ice cream mooncakes here. We can't comment on the taste since there is no sampling at their booth. There is a choice of 2 sets; Petite Gift Set (RM65 consisting of a choice of any 2 ice cream mooncakes) or Classic Gift Set (RM115 consisting of a preset selection of 4 ice cream mooncakes).

Petite Gift Set

Classic Gift Set

Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The chefs at Dynasty Restaurant have handcrafted fourteen varieties of mooncakes, with flavours such as baked custard mooncake with coconut paste (RM19) and mini almond mocha chocolate (RM13).

Total no. of flavours: 8 baked & 6 snow skin.

Price: RM19-26 for baked and RM13 for mini snow skin.

Bee Cheng Hiang

Not only will you find baked mooncakes (10 flavours) here, you will also find assorted cookies such as the cute Lotus Gold Pig (RM16), and Arowana (RM4.50).

Price: Starting from RM72 per box of 4 up to RM92.

Arowana/Kirin biscuits

InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur

For this Mid Autumn Festival, Chef Lo Tian Sion of Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant has created 5 traditional baked and 7 snow skin mooncakes. What I liked most was the packaging for the mooncakes, a gorgeous looking box which resembles the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. Guys, I think you should buy this for your girlfriend / wife since it is really pretty and can double as a jewellery box later. We quite liked the Teochew Pandan Paste with Egg Cream, the pandan filling was really creamy.

Price: RM18-23 for baked and RM15-27 for snow skin.

Teochew Pandan Paste with Egg Cream

Tai Thong

Tai Thong have come up with 4 new flavours this year, namely Wholesome Wheatgrass with Single Yolk, Golden Honey Grapefruit with Pineapple, Savoury White Lotus with Shrimp Sambal, and Snowy White Lotus & Sesame with Custard. Their mooncakes are certified Halal.

Have tried some other flavours prior to this fair and will blog about it later.

Total no of flavours: 13 baked & 9 snow skin.

Price: RM10 for red bean, RM14-16 for other baked flavours. RM15-16 for snow skin.

Westin Kuala Lumpur

Try the Hokkaido Butter with Fragrant Corn Custard (RM28), one of their bestsellers. Quite a few other interesting flavours such as Red Yeast Sweet Potato, Espresso Chestnut and Sassy Sweet Nutella Chocolate Crunch.

Total no. of flavours: 7 baked & 5 snow skin.

Price: RM24-28 for baked.RM19 for mini snowskin.


I have to admit, I chuckled when I saw these Doraemon inspired mooncakes with flavours such as Corn-tachio, Yummy Yammy 1 yolk, and Chocoreo Almond, all imprinted with cute characters off the cartoon series/comic. While stocks last, you can also get your hands on limited edition gift sets such as handmade submarine box and handmade 3D box. I didn't try any of the flavours so can't comment.

Other than the Doraemon series, there are also the traditional baked mooncakes. All certified Halal.

Price: Doraemon baked series RM16. Snow skin RM16.50.

Corn-tachio flavour with Doraemon's face

Limited edition gift sets

Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Click here to read the full review of the Shang Palace mooncakes.

I was hoping to try some of the chocolate snow skin mooncake flavours but unfortunately this booth only offered the baked variety samples. Do try their white lotus paste, one of the best baked ones we have tried this year.

Total no. of flavours: 8 baked and 6 mini snow skin.

Price: RM18-24 for baked. RM15-24 for snow skin.

Recommended flavours: Mini Ping Pei Durian, and White Lotus Seed Paste.

Baked mooncakes

Purple Cane

I quite enjoyed the green tea and white bean mooncakes. One of the most affordably priced mooncakes, starting at RM7. They've even got a herbal sounding mooncake here, Chinese Wolfberry and Dang Gui with Assorted Nuts.

Total no. of flavours: 16.

Price: RM7-10.90

Packaging - floral paper basket


Dragon-i uses premium lotus seeds from Hunan, China and a top grade egg yolk which has been salt marinated for 20 days is used. A total of 9 flavours available here and their Dragon-i Signature mooncake sounds pretty unique, using a combination of dragon fruit and single yolk.

Price: RM13.50 - RM19.50.

Come try try try!

Other than mooncakes, you can also get lanterns for your kids to play with during Mid Autumn Festival which falls on 12 September this year.

So, if you're heading to MidValley Megamall during the next month, do visit the Mooncake Festival Fair located at the Lower Ground Floor of the mall. This fair will run until 12 September 2011.

Location: Centre Court, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. oooo, westin's flavors actually sound really unique and potentially delicious. pricey, but i admire their creativity in thinking of new flavors :D

  2. many hard to decide...
    anyway..thanks for sharing the types of mooncakes at MV =)

  3. I love those fish biscuits! T_T Too bad can't eat too many of them!

  4. Am not crazy aout moon cakes but I love the boxes which they comes in. Very creative

  5. Hello tuan, saya telah dikaitkan web yang bagus anda, supaya anda boleh link blog saya?Saya berharap anda tidak keberatan ...
    ini adalah blog saya

    nasib baik

  6. You call this a "mini" guide? Seems pretty comprehensive, my dear. ;)

    Devil was raving about your post all throughout dinner. He's still figuring which mooncakes to go for, if not ALL of them! :P

  7. Sean: Yeah the chefs are really creative hor. But sometimes the more traditional flavours are the best cos they taste more like "mooncakes".

  8. Melissa: Hahahaha I visited all the booths, by the time I finish, I cant rmbr most of the flavours I've tried also. But worth a visit if you come to MV la...

  9. Small Kucing: Yeah the boxes are really nice. One of my friends told me that he buys mooncakes now based on the packaging and not the flavours.

  10. Kenny: Oops sorry, I must have gotten a little carried away with my mini guide :P

    Since u guys live so close, shd pay the fair a visit la. Let Devil try all the flavours. I recommend Flower Drum from Hilton KL if he likes snow skin. :) I've also been tempted to buy them all home, but have spent way too much on mooncakes this year.. need self control :P

  11. Michelle: Can you get the fish biscuits in Melbourne too? I used to love them as a child. And the piggies in the basket too.

  12. Awesome!! I'm so craving mooncakes now!


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