Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011 Mooncakes @ Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Another mooncake post. Can you tell that I love mooncakes? :D

Since traffic on a Sunday wasn't too bad, we made our way to Shangri-La KL for some of their mooncakes. Shang Palace have set up a mooncake booth right at the entrance of the hotel, making it convenient for customers wanting to purchase mooncakes. I sampled some of the traditional baked mooncakes (white lotus, black sesame seed, and red bean) quickly before settling for 1 baked mooncake and 2 snow skin mooncakes.

Exquisite looking gift box

The large mooncakes are packed in a black/red box whereas the mini snow skin mooncakes in a pink/gold box. The folds of the box form a flower motif.. how pretty.

For large mooncakes

For the mini mooncakes

There are 15 flavours in total, price ranging from RM15 to RM24, the most expensive being the Mini Ping Pei Bird's Nest with Custard. The mini snow skin here are slightly bigger than the Mandarin Oriental ones but pricier. The snow skin mooncakes are made fresh daily without any preservatives and hence has to be consumed within 3 days.

Advance order is recommended for the Mini Ping Pei Durian (RM17) since it is one of their popular and must-try flavours. It's a little pricey but well worth the money paid. A must for durian lovers, this was absolutely fantastic.. the fresh durian (D24) blended with the custard powder to create a smooth, creamy and simply heavenly filling. I don't even like durians that much since I usually find the smell pungent, but somehow this Shang mooncake smelt aromatic instead.

If you love durian, you really have to try this.

No complains about the Mini Ping Pei with Green Tea (RM15), though for me it paled in comparison to the durian one. It was smooth with a mild flavour of green tea and bits of seeds/nuts.

The Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk (RM24) from Shang Palace is the best I've eaten this year. With incredibly smooth and fragrant lotus seed paste as well as a lovely salted egg yolk, the whole family enjoyed this.

The baked mooncakes need to be consumed within 10 days (no probs!)

The loveliest salted egg yolk we've encountered this year.. moist and whole

Full moon

Other flavours here include Red Bean Paste, Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste, White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, Assorted Nuts & Sun Dried Fruits, Black Sesame Seed with Single Yolk, Mini White Lotus Seed Paste with Yolk, Mini Ping Pei White Lotus Seed Paste, Mini Ping Pei White Chocolate with Pistachio Flavour and Golden Raisins, and Mini Ping Pei Chocolate with Ganache, Pecan Nuts and Chinese Tea.

Full set of photos can be viewed here.

Location: Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel, 11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03- 2032 2388

GPS Coordinates: 3.1541, 101.706297

*Note: Shang Palace Mooncakes are also available at the Mooncake Fair at MidValley Megamall KL.


  1. Hahaha...I agreed that u r mooncakes lover! Comparing the durian mooncake here and Mandarin Oriental's...I see that Mandarin Oriental's looks nicer...what do you think?

  2. Am not crazy about mooncakes but I love looking at the boxes which they comes in :)

  3. melissa: Hehe how come you say the MO one looks better one? I prefer this actually... cos the paste added with custard, taste much yummier.

    Btw Shang have mooncake booth in MidValley, can go there and try their baked mooncakes. No samples for snow skin though.

  4. Small Kucing: Go check out the mooncake fair at MidValley... the Intercontinental Hotel box is the best.. looks like a LV handbag. :D

  5. wah, i think u've tried the three most prestigious ones already: hilton, MO and shang, rite. i don't know which other hotels could be better. i hear doubletree has got chocolate chip mooncakes though :D

  6. I put it in the freezer so they can last for weeks!


  7. Sean: Doubletree mooncakes are the traditional baked ones.. personally I prefer snow skin mooncakes and when it comes to baked, I like lotus with yolk.

    What I find with hotel mooncakes are that they are usually lower in sugar compared to the commercialised ones. So it's better for me.

  8. Michelle: Haha really??? Does it still taste the same even after being frozen and defrosted?

  9. Wow I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't had any mooncakes yet this year! :/ Heard good comments about the Shang mooncakes.. glad to hear it again from someone I know. :) My usual supply of mooncakes actually comes from my mom! Yes, she bakes! hehe

  10. iamthewitch: Oh nothing to be ashamed of! So nice yr mummy can make it for you.. I bet they taste really nice.

  11. Wow you really are a mooncake lover, LOL! Shang's mooncake packaging is always classy. I should be starting on my mooncake making soon ;-)

  12. PureGlutton: Lol I am. I probably spent too much money on mooncakes this year. -.- Wow cant wait to see yr mooncakes on yr blog, I wish I could make them too...

    1. do u know whether shang's has mooncake fair in midvalley for year 2012?

    2. do u know whether shang's has mooncake fair in midvalley for year 2012?

    3. do u know whether shang's has mooncake fair in midvalley for year 2012?

    4. Hi Joyce, I am not sure. Will come back to you when I find out.


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