Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Roast @ The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

What is your favourite British dish?

Is it fish and chips? Or chicken tikka masala? Or bangers and mash?

For me, it is undoubtedly the Sunday roast.

Most Brits enjoy a good Sunday roast. Still an old tradition in Britain, it generally consists of roast chicken, beef, pork, or lamb, served along with vegetables, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding.

A good Sunday Roast is hard to come by.

Aged Black Angus Prime Rib at The Ritz-Carlton, KL

During our recent trip for afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton KL, we discovered their Traditional Sunday Roast offering. So, imagine my delight when I was invited to sample the Sunday Roast buffet recently.

Every Sunday, The Lobby Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton KL features the traditional Sunday Roast from 11.30am to 3.00pm. In the style of a buffet, one can indulge in a wide selection of appetizers before going for the cream of the crop, the spectacular Black Angus Prime Rib.

Just as I remembered, The Lobby Lounge is opulent and oozes class. The perfect setting for a lazy Sunday afternoon, with the luxury of having someone cook Sunday Roast for me.

Free flow non-alcoholic drinks are included with the buffet.

Refreshing freshly squeezed orange juice

The food were all beautifully laid out, tantalising our tastebuds as we walked past to get to our table. Seafood lovers would be pleased with the spread, as most of the appetizers appear to be crustaceans or fish. I know I was.

And so we feasted on the gorgeous spread before us. We were definitely spoilt for choice.

For those who love oysters, you will find freshly shucked belon and fin de claire oysters here. If oysters are not your thing, there are also baby lobsters, marrons, shrimps, mussels with lemon wrap and pate maison terrines.

Not only will you find British cuisine here, there is also Italian, Japanese, and French.

There is a huge selection of Italian antipasti such as cured meats and fish.

Salmon tartare; prawns in salsa sauce served in a shot glass; cooked oysters; prawn tower

Insalata caprese. Fresh sweet tomato slices with mozzarella was simple yet delightful to eat.

Portobello mushrooms

There is something here for everyone. If cold appetizers are not your thing, then go for the hot soup of the day. Tortilla soup was on the menu today. Or try some of the Chicken Sausage With Herbs.

Make your own Caesar salad or get one of the staff to assist you. It was fascinating watching them scrape cheese from the big cheese drum to make our caesar salad.

Mix it with some romaine lettuce, croutons, anchovies, and vinaigrette.

The cheese was unbelievably good, and definitely lifted the caesar salad to the next level.

My favorite appetizer from the lot has to be the Norwegian Smoked Salmon. Absolutely gorgeous!

The smoked salmon was very meaty and lush. Gimme gimme more...

To cater for their Asian diners, there is also sushi and sashimi.

I usually would not have gone for bread in a buffet as I wouldn't want to fill my stomach with unnecessary carbs. And then I spotted the Échiré butter. Having only read about it, I was eager to try one of the best butters from France.

The bread were freshly baked and with lashings of Échiré butter, it was indeed divine.

And now, presenting the star of the show...

The pièce de résistance was definitely the Aged Black Angus Prime Rib. The beef, imported from the United States is firstly aged in a chiller with herbs and spices for two to three weeks before slow roasting for about seven hours. The result, deliciously tender beef with differing doneness. This meant that diners could select from rare up to well done cuts on a single roast.

The beautifully cooked meat is served with roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and stewed cabbage, and drizzled with bone marrow or rosemary jus. Easily the best roast beef I've ever eaten!

A culinary masterpiece

A single roast can serve up to 15 portions, and only 1 rib is cooked every Sunday, so be sure to put in your order for this when you arrive.

The chef carving some of that premium meat for us.

Everything on this plate was top-notch! A beef lover's dream

Roast lamb is also served here, for those who can't eat beef. However, the meat was a little too dry for my liking and pales in comparison to the beef.

Other than roast lamb and beef, there is also fish, although it doesn't quite fit my definition of a Sunday Roast. A French classic, salmon coulibiac, which consists of salmon, hard boiled eggs and fragrant rice encased in a pastry. Perhaps some Hollandaise sauce would go well with this dish.

Girls seem to have a thing for desserts , and I am no different. I love just how pretty everything looks. Not only did they look good, they all tasted fantastic as well! Perfect for those with a sweet tooth. It was difficult to hold myself back; I just had to try a little bit of everything! It almost felt like I was in a candy shop.

A dazzling array of mouthwatering desserts

One of the desserts which caught my eye was the croquembouche, a French pièce montée whereby a tower of profiteroles were arranged in a cone shape and bound together with caramel. The profiteroles were filled with cream and were absolutely scrumptious!

Croquembouche and colourful macarons

Berry tart

How can a girl (or boy) resist these goodies?
Chocolate eclairs; strawberry cream puff; tiramisu

Indulgent creme brulee

Rich chocolate brownies

Snow White would approve of these toffee apples

Dip some strawberries or marshmellows into the chocolate fountain

Chocolates galore; take your pick from white, dark, milk, pralinosa, gianduja, truffles and more. Imported from Europe, sometimes you may even find Armani chocolates here.

If desserts are not your thing, fret not. There is also a fine European cheese selection.

The waiting staff will prepare a selection for you to sample if you please.

And in the background, soothing live music is played by the jazz trio while you enjoy the good food.

Thanks to Oliver, PR for Ritz-Carlton KL for hosting us that afternoon. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and we had a great afternoon sampling the Traditional Sunday Roast.

Verdict: Perfect for buffet lovers. The beef is exceptionally good, just for this alone, it is worth making a visit here to try the Sunday Roast.

Pork free.

Service: Service here is commendable; the waiting staff here are very accomodating and friendly.

Price: RM130++ per person. Reservation recommended.

Location: The Lobby Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2142 8000

GPS Coordinates: 3.146901, 101.715438


  1. jfook: There is still time to head down there today to try the Sunday Roast :)

  2. the beef and salmon looks fantastic!

  3. Quite a spread indeed... I'd have to skip breakfast in preparation for this buffet. Very interesting, nice photos - looks good !!

  4. Wow! looks really luxurious and full on. I think I'd need to diet a whole week to take on a meal like that.

  5. woaini_87 & smallkucing: i'm still dreaming of the beef..

    C&D's daddy: You would like most of the things in this yeah, need to go with an empty stomach :P

    qwazymonkey: really good stuff..

  6. whoa...everything looks good! the best thing about kl is food, makes up for the traffic n crimes:P

  7. ooh, what a discovery. your blog, AND the sunday roast. with US beef too. its quite hard to get US beef anywhere these days, after a fiasco with the US abbatoirs some years back. quite reasonable hor, RM130++. the beef unlimited ah?

  8. looks super yummy with quality stuff. for the price, i think it is value for money, Dua Annexe's Dish sunday brunch RM149++ pales in comparison... and oh they have toffee apple... spending RM130++ for a meal is on the high side though

  9. terri: we only moved to KL recently and finding good food has been rather fun.

    fatboybakes: thx! I'm a fan of your blog so its an honour to have you visiting mine :)
    I was told that the beef serving is unlimited, however bear in mind that they only cook 1 roast each Sunday, and it only serves 15-18 ppl. I guess it's first come first serve, if you finish your first portion and there are still loads left, you can have another. However, do double check with them again before you go.

  10. vivien: yeah it is a bit expensive, but it's okay to indulge once in a while. and as u say, they're all quality stuff. i think the beef alone is quite substantial.

  11. wow, a croquembouche in msia?? the only other time i've seen one was on masterchef australia.. haha.. dam, now just if I could taste one..

  12. What else I can say than AWWWWW!!!! hey, looks like there is high quality buffet after all! I'm really really tempted to try!! >.< and I will! :D

  13. P/s: but I dont eat beef though.. :/ but there is seafood right? Do u think it's worth it if I'm not eating that beef?

  14. tummy rumble: i was most impressed when i spotted it too.

    zoe: for me, the main draw to this buffet is the roast beef. afterall, it's a sunday roast buffet.


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