Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pandan, the new Food Trend and Making Onde-Onde

Have you heard the news about the latest food trend about to hit UK and US? Yup, apparently pandan is set to overtake avocado and matcha, according to Nigella Lawson.

A common ingredient in Malaysia, we use pandan to make all sorts of local desserts aka kuih such as kuih ketayap, kuih seri muka and onde-onde. We also use it to make pandan swiss rolls and pandan chiffon cakes, pandan kaya, mooncakes as well as a natural food colouring. When making Malaysia's national dish, nasi lemak, we also add pandan leaves to the rice for extra fragrance.


Earlier this week, BabySumoKids made onde-onde for our teatime snack. Such trendsetters, these two! :P  For this local dessert, we use pandan essence or extract. So if you can get your hands on a bottle of that, try this easy recipe, guaranteed to please.

BabySumoKids did a great job making all these onde-onde, all by themselves ;) I'm super proud of them for demonstrating such confidence in the kitchen.

Onde-onde in a halved coconut shell bowl ;)

For the onde-onde recipe, please visit this page.

You can watch BabySumoKids make them on my IG account or via this YouTube recipe video.

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  1. Heard that too and I went - pandan? Gee!!! We've been using that since time immemorial. Hmmm...


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