Friday, October 13, 2017

Creating Cooking Magic with Play-Doh

Did you grow up playing masak-masak with your siblings and friends? I did, and it is one of the most vivid memories I have of my childhood. BabySumoKids love it too, especially when they get to role play and pretend that they are restaurateurs and chefs for the day.

Welcome to CD Restaurant, where #HappyFood is created ;)

Over the last couple of weekends, the kids have been busy cooking up a storm in their pretend restaurant / kitchen. New additions to our little chefs kitchen are the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations  Magical Oven and Sizzlin' Stovetop. It was really fun watching them conceptualise their restaurant, from deciding their menu to making one, setting the tables (complete with flowers and table mats!) and then playing the role of waitress - chef - cashier.

The Magical Oven set comes with various attachments to make muffins, pizzas, crazy cakes, pies and more. Our favorite was, without a doubt, making the muffins. The dough is placed under the muffin tray, and as you push the lever down on the oven, the muffins will rise... just like when you're making real muffins! So realistic. When the muffins have finished "cooking", the oven makes a "ding" sound to let you know that it's ready.

Once it's ready, you can also make muffin cases using one of the molds and then serve them on plates. Chef Daniel likes them rustic and serves them on the muffin trays, with a few decorations on top. There's just so many ways you can decorate and serve them, leave it up to your child's imagination to be creative. Watch Chef Daniel in action in this Instagram video.

Our favorite part is watching the muffins rise! 

CD Restaurant Menu

Meanwhile, Chef Chloe busies herself with the Sizzlin' Stovetop. Her customers (aka mummy and daddy) have just placed their orders for sausage and eggs as well as a medium rare steak. Using the cutters, she cuts out the shapes of the egg and steak and then cooks them in a frying pan over the stovetop. As soon as the pan hits the stove, the stove is activated and gives out a sizzling sound as she pretends to cook. So much fun! Watch Chef Chloe in action in this Instagram video.

One fried egg, coming right up!

Chef Chloe makes the best fried egg!

Meanwhile, Chef Daniel busies himself with a fish and chips dish. Frying the fish to crispy perfection on the Sizzlin' Stovetop.

Rolling out the dough for making chips. There is no mold for chips, so he uses his imagination to create the chips.

How would you like your steak, ma'am?

There are more moulds on the underside of the plates as well as on the Magical Oven and Sizzlin' Stovetop.

The dishes that BabySumoKids whipped up for us. Thank you BabySumoKids for the lovely "meal"!

What a feast - sausages and egg, soup, two types of pasta, fish and chips, muffins, spinach ravioli, pizza and steak!

Since it was a couple of days away from Mid-Autumn Festival, the kids made us mooncakes too... can you spot them?

Another day,more fantastic food creations.

Play-Doh playtime goes hand in hand with role play. Through Play-Doh playtime, your child can learn and develop lots of different skills.  The Kitchen Creations products enabled our children's mind to run wild with the endless possibilities for creating food.  Based on the menu the kids created, we made our choices and and after taking our orders our little chefs proceeded to make all the items we selected. Shaping the dough can help the kids develop their fine motor skills.

After the food creation process was completed the role play continued as our children changed their roles from chefs to front of house and cashier respectively.  Communication skills and mathematics skills are also displayed during our Play-Doh playtimes.

Do share your creations on Instagram via this hashtag #PlayDohMY, I'd love to see them!

For more information on the Magical Oven and Sizzlin' Stovetop, please visit

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  1. the kids are much more skillful with play doh compared to me when i was their age! :)


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