Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sae Ma Eul, Publika - Korean BBQ

After spending the morning at klpac watching Dr. Balloon, we decided to drive to nearby Publika for lunch. Since I was craving for Korean BBQ (again!), we decided to try Sae Ma Eul located at Block A of Solaris Dutamas (above Thai Tuk Tuk).

It can get hot as the restaurant does not have air-conditioning, only fans, and furthermore you will be cooking over a charcoal fire, so best come here on cool afternoon or later in the evening.

From the menu, there are a few sets to choose from, or you can order off the a la carte menu. Other than Korean BBQ, they also have kimchi jjigae, kimchi fried rice, pajeon and much more on the menu.

Menu at Sae Ma Eul

We went for Set A (RM59) which is recommended for 2-3 persons, and comes with sliced pork belly, pork shoulder, and baby octopus. Once you have placed your order, the staff will serve you with complimentary water, as well as the ban chan (side dishes - about 6 types). Over here, you need to do your own cooking... it's quite good fun if you have older kids, you can delegate the cooking tasks to them while you sit back and enjoy. The pork shoulder takes slightly longer to cook, but the pork belly and baby octopus cooks in no time at all. It got a little too hot for us, so we did not order more food... however we will definitely be back next time in the evenings as there are still other things I would like to try.

A nice array of ban chan - I like the kimchi, seasoned cucumber, beansprouts and fish cakes.

My lil helper

Helper no. 2

Good job guys... nicely grilled, juicy meat :)

First time having baby octopus at Korean BBQ and we like it!

Opening times: 11am to 10.30pm daily.

Price: Total bill RM64.

Location: Sae Ma Eul Publika, A1-1-9 , Solaris Dutamas, No.1 , Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 010-270 0972


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