Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Annapuurnam Chetinad Restaurant, Bangsar, KL - Banana Leaf Rice

It's been a while since we had banana leaf rice, so the BLR gang gathered together last weekend at Annapuurnam Chetinad Restaurant in Bangsar, KL. What drew us to this restaurant was a video that we saw, showing peanut butter being added to their mutton curry, which piqued our our interest.

We ordered two banana leaf rice (RM8 each) and before long, two banana leaves were placed before us and the rice and vegetables were piled on. The curries were left at our table, and we could help ourselves to whichever and however much we wanted - there was salted fish, fish and chicken curry as well as dhal. We were glad that they got their basics right, such as crispy pappadums. You can also request for the pickled fried chilli, which has a nice spicy kick to it. Overall, a very nice banana leaf rice with good selection of vegetables and curries.

We also ordered 3 types of deep fried vegetables - snake gourd, bittergourd and radish. Out of the three, we liked the bittergourd best as it was nice and crunchy, whereas the other two were also crispy but with a slightly softer texture.

Of course, we also had to get a portion of mutton curry (RM10). Though we couldn't quite taste the peanut butter, it was delicious with meaty, tender chunks of mutton and a thick, rich sauce. Very tasty. :)

Our friend ordered the rojak pasembur, as she was attracted to the peanut aroma when she walked through the restaurant entrance (plus almost every table had a plate of this). True enough, this was excellent - I liked that their deep fried items stayed crispy despite being drenched in the sauce. And talking about the sauce, it was thick and fragrant and really shone through. One of the best pasemburs I've eaten.

Opening times: 7am to 10pm daily.

Price: Total bill RM45 for 3 pax.

Location: Annapuurnam Chetinad Restaurant, 74, Lorong Maarof, Taman Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Street parking available - RM1 per hour).

GPS Coordinates: 3.131652, 101.673027

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  1. I wish we had banana leaf here, miss it so much. Sure would be the first thing I'd go for should I get the chance to hop over.

  2. sounds like the peanut butter successfully did the trick in boosting the curry! :)


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