Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pharmaton "Reward Your Achievement" Contest

2016 was another good year for GoodyFoodies, as our blog surpassed 10 million pageviews.  A remarkable achievement for us indeed!

Food and Travel are two important parts of our life as a family. At the start of 2016 we resolved to bring BabySumoKids to a country they had never experienced before.  We are forever seeking new experiences for our children from visiting a new mall, baking a new recipe, playing a new board game, reading a new book, discovering a new sport etc.

During our summer holiday in 2016, we took an extended break in Europe to visit Hubby's family. We opted to kick off our European vacation with 10 days in Germany.  Chloe has voluntarily been studying German Language as part of her education so we thought it appropriate that she got the chance to hear German being used in everyday conversation by the locals.

Our trip was centered around the the city of Cologne and some of our adventures can be relived on Instagram at #BabySumoinEurope.  As a family we all enjoyed our time in Germany - at the Cologne Zoo, in the restaurants and of course our visit to Haribo Factory Outlet.

For 2017 our resolution is to bring the kids for mini local breaks a la "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia" and possibly another European visit during the summer break in July. So far this year, BabySumoKids have had a short break in Port Dickson and a luxurious heritage break in Malacca. To give us the sustained energy throughout these trip, we could have taken balanced multivitamin and minerals with ginseng extract to keep us going.

Just like how we are able to achieve helping BabySumoKids explore new surroundings last year, Pharmaton, the adult multivitamin brand in Malaysia is currently running a contest on their website to help you do the same. Let Pharmaton help you achieve your Resolution by participating in the Pharmaton "Reward Your Achievement" Contest. Hurry and Join as this promo will run until 31 March 2017, with up to RM50,000 of rewards to be won (a total of 15 winners will be chosen).

How to join?

1. Visit this link.

2. Purchase a minimum of RM30 worth of Pharmaton products in a single receipt. Take a snapshot of your receipt.

3. Select your reward category: Travel; Health;  Pamper Session / Shopping; Personal Development.

4. Share with Pharmaton, in no more than 30 words "In 2016, I have achieved..."

5. Answer a simple question.

6. Whatsapp to 010 920 3188 in the following format:

TIP: For higher chances of winning, remember to include the word "Pharmaton"  in your caption (as shown in the example above).

For more information on Pharmaton as well as T&C's for the contest, please visit

Good luck!

*This is a sponsored post.

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  1. My parents take that on a regular basis, gives them energy.

  2. travelling is great for the kids! they'll be seasoned travellers by the time they're teens, and well-exposed to different cultures and cuisines! :)


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