Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Farm Fresh - Why Imported is Not Always Better

When I first moved to the UK, I was amazed at how good the fresh milk there tasted... it was rich and delightfully creamy. Naturally, one of the things we missed most about the UK when we first moved back to Malaysia was the fresh milk.

Eventually we found a milk brand in Malaysia, which was very much to our liking - Farm Fresh. Milk is an essential item for us at home, as we often pour it liberally onto cereal or simply reach for a glass of cold milk when we're having a cookie - and believe me, great tasting milk makes all the difference.

Farm Fresh is a locally owned fresh milk brand with farms in Kota Tinggi, Johor and Muadzam, Pahang. Instead of importing milk from Australia, Farm Fresh imported Australian Holstein Jersey cows to be reared in free range farms in Malaysia. Hence, Farm Fresh milk takes only 48 hours to go from cow to your local supermarket shelves so you can rest assured that it truly is fresh milk. It is also not processed unnecessarily, and does not contain preservatives, coloring or any added sugar.

I was astounded to learn that imported milk is processed before being shipped and is reprocessed again in Malaysia before going to the supermarket shelves. This means that it takes up to two weeks or more for overseas milk to go from farm our store shelves. When you see it in this light, the milk doesn't seem so "fresh" afterall. This is something to keep in mind when buying milk if freshness is a concern to you and your family.

Our kids always look forward to a glass of cold milk in the evenings - even they can taste the difference and often comment that Farm Fresh milk is so fresh, creamy and yummy!

Are your kids like my kids where they can tell the difference between milks? Do you normally take note of the freshness of the milk? Do share your experience with me!

Do visit Farm Fresh YouTube channel - there are lots of educational videos such as how to store milk properly so it stays fresh for longer and you can also see how they care for their cows (happy cows = tasty milk) .

Also, please check out this video to see the vast difference in processing time for Farm Fresh fresh milk vs imported milk.

Do also visit Farm Fresh's official website for more information on their products.

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  1. I've not seen that here. I go for the Australian or New Zealand brands as the Malaysian ones here are reconstituted milk, not fresh milk plus they are A LOT more expensive than the imported brands.


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