Monday, December 12, 2016

How to DIY a Christmas Tree Outfit for your Kid

Last year, Baby D went to school dressed up as a Christmas tree. Hubby managed to DIY a simple outfit for him using just a few items that you can find easily at home. And the boy even won a prize for being one of the best dressed :P

How to DIY a Christmas Tree Outfit for Your Child

What you need:
1 x green bath towel (we got ours from Daiso)
Red and white craft string / twine
Needle and thread
Fir tree leaves (or anything similar)
One handsome model

1. Fold the towel in half and cut semi-circle in the centre (large enough to fit your child's head through).

2. Criss cross the red and white string across the towel (as shown) and then secure it using a needle and thread.

3. Place baubles or other Christmas decorations, as well as the fir tree leaves along the the string, securing them using the needle and thread too.

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