Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jamie's Italian @ Union Street, Aberdeen, Scotland

We've seen him on TV plenty of times and I've cooked many of his recipes, so when we were in Aberdeen, Hubby offered to take us to Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Jamie's Italian located on Union Street in the former Esselmont & Macintosh department store. This is Jamie's third Scottish restaurant which opened in February this year. 

I fell in love with the interior as soon as I walked in. Contemporary, sleek and cosy at the same time. We were seated downstairs near the bar area, but I did go upstairs to check out the restaurant, they have a counter upstairs showcasing the cured meats. Oh, and do remember to check out the toilets as well - cool retro looking fittings in there.

Bar area

Cured meat galore!

Open kitchen

Family ♥

After we were seated at our table, I was impressed to find that they have prepared some coloring pencils and paper for the kids to keep them occupied while we waited for our food. It certainly is a nice touch, also found out after we paid the bill that the fresh juices that we ordered for the kids were complimentary.

For drinks, I had the non-alcoholic ginger mojito (₤3.50), made from mint, lime, sugar and ginger beer - a wonderfully refreshing drink. Hubby had a bottle of  the lovely fruity Liberta (₤4.25), one of Jamie's own-craft brewed lager which is packed with British Bramling Cross hops and floral acacia honey and matured for nearly a month.


Fresh orange juice for Baby D

We ordered a few things to share, and told them to bring it whenever it's ready. They were all served at the same time so we had a very busy table, but we do love sharing an Italian meal. The crab and avocado bruschetta (₤6.50) was served on a rustic wooden plank. It looked good and sounded good on paper - grilled sourdough topped with Lunan Bay crab, avocado & Yeo Valley yogurt, with apple matchsticks , chilli, mint, lemon and olive oil. Tastewise it was a little bland for me, technically speaking we should have been able to enjoy the natural sweetness of the crab.

A single bruschetta.. I guess crab's expensive

You can either order individual antipasti or a platter with a selection of antipasti to try. We liked the sound of the items on the "Meat" plank (₤6.85) which came with cured meats (fennel salami, pistachio mortadella, prosciutto, and schiacciata piccante), Italian cheese (buffalo mozzarella with chilli and mint, pecorino and amazing chilli jam), pickles (green chillies, best green olives, Gaeta olives and caper berries), and crunchy salad (shaved carrots and beets with lemon and loads of mint). I enjoyed this, especially the cured meats - a great way to enjoy a little bit of everything on offer.

They serve the plank on top of 2 cans of tomatoes

Hot stuff

We ordered a small portion of wild truffle risotto (₤6.75). This was a rather disappointing dish since it wasn't creamy and rich and we couldn't get any scent/taste of risotto, although there is minced black truffle as well as Parmesan.

Our favorite dish of the evening was the 10-oz 30-day matured prime rib (₤19.50) - bone-in chargrilled beef steak served with wild mushrooms & peppery endives. We also ordered a side of posh chips (₤3.25)  ie chips with truffle oil and Parmesan, but again we couldn't detect any truffle oil at all. However, back to the prime rib, beautifully salted, very juicy with some resistance, cooked to medium rare as requested. The kids loved it too.

Verdict: Gorgeous decor, food is decent. Now I can say I've eaten in one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants.

Opening times: Monday - Saturday 12 noon - 11pm; Sunday 12 noon - 10.30pm.

Price: Total bill ₤50.60.

Location: Jamie's Italian, 38 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1GD, Scotland.

Tel: +44 1224 925175

GPS Coordinates: 57.145926,-2.101053

Website: (click for menu)


  1. Ooo the crab bruschetta does look and sound great.i wonder what extra ingredient is needed to elevate it out of blandness. Gosh, let's hope that someday in our lifetimes, there'll be a Jamie's restaurant in KL. though I guess it's not very likely. I ate in one in London, and the food was also OK, though it was the ambiance that was generally more attractive =)

    1. Sean, there will be a Jamie's Italian opening in Singapore. I guess that's as close to KL as it will get. I really like the ambiance here, service is good too, and the fact that they're family-friendly.

  2. Crab IS expensive...everywhere! Hmmmm...Union Street in Plymouth's the red light district. Oops!!! LOL!!!

  3. The food is so-so ? Lovely food presentation though :D And the starter looks scrumptious !

    1. They definitely do well in the presentation department. I think the food was just missing a little seasoning, and it would have been great.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Harlo Yen, when you came to Aberdeen? Is your Unc from Aberdeen? Bit surprise when read your blog, not many like to visit Aberdeen as it is just a gray small city...
    Been to Jamies' restaurant too, the foods are nice but slightly smaller portion..

    1. Hi Stephanie, my husband is from Aberdeen so we were visiting in-laws and relatives as well as a holiday/break for us. I love Aberdeen, it's such a beautiful city. I didn't realize u lived there, or else we could have arranged to meet up. Maybe next time. :)

    2. That would be worry, we will meet up some good day...glad that you like the city

  6. What a feast! I like the look of the interior too. Very cool.

  7. Hi Yen,
    Everything looks great!! the interior, the food presentation.
    So there is a little disappointment in the taste of the food??
    Despite that thanks for sharing such lovely post.

  8. the chance to dine in Jamie's restaurant! are right...Now I can say I've eaten in one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants!!

  9. I was reading this with much interest because we visited the one here and it was quite hit and miss but successful because of Jamie's name!

  10. Ohhh so jealous! I would love to go to Jamie's restaurant, at least once in my life! Good to hear the food is decent, and the atmosphere looks nice!


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