Friday, April 19, 2013

Spa Review: Spa Village Kuala Lumpur @ The Ritz-Carlton KL

Spa Village is a collection of award-winning YTL Luxury Spas, located in YTL resorts such as Pangkor Laut, Tanjong Jara, Cameron Highlands, Majestic Malacca, Tembok Bali, Gaya Island as well as in The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur. 

So what makes the Spa Village unique and different from other hotel spas? The Spa Village showcases a collection of unique experiences, introducing guests to an authentic taste of each locality through treatments based on natural indigenous ingredients and traditional healing practices.

Spa Village Kuala Lumpur pool

Spa Village Kuala Lumpur on Level 4 of The Ritz-Carlton KL

We had our first Spa Village experience at the flagship spa at Pangkor Laut Resort where we had the couples spa experience, and it was truly one of the best spa experiences which we have had. Then we visited Tanjong Jara and experienced the Malay treatment. Next, it was the Cameron Highlands Spa Village where I enjoyed a complimentary tea bath followed by a Balinese massage. Let's just say I am a big fan of the Spa Village!

During our recent adult-only weekend getaway at The Ritz-Carlton KL, we had to check out the Spa Village Kuala LumpurLocated on Level 4 of The Ritz-Carlton KL, Spa Village Kuala Lumpur is created as a tropical urban spa incorporating outdoor nap gazebos and a unique sensory room (the only one of its kind in Asia), with each treatment suite enclosed in a private landscaped terrace. Signature treatments here are based on the healing history of the Nusantara, Royal Malay and Peranakan Chinese cultures and include Egg Undulation Facials and Rattan tapping.

Relaxation Lounge

As we walked through the spa pool flanked by tropical plants, we felt as though we have been transported out of the city. We were greeted warmly by the friendly reception staff, and then led to the Relaxation Lounge for a welcome drink and cold towel to refresh ourselves.Our massage therapists then led us to our treatment suite for the 2-hour Campur-Campur treatment.

The name Campur-Campur means "a blending of varieties" in Malay. This treatment is an exclusive signature creation of Spa Village and combines the best techniques of Malay and Thai massage, using touch, tone and aromatherapy. Before we begin our treatment, our massage therapist invites us to select the aromatherapy oil for our massage. I picked the "Relaxing" body oil which is a combination of pure essential oils of ylang ylang, orange, clove, ginger and patchouli. Hubby went for the "Uplifting" body oil, a refreshing blend of grapefruit, spearmint, basil, mandarin, lemon, patchouli, juniper, cedarwood, and clary sage that invigorate both body and mind.

Our massage therapist then began working her magic with her hands, rotating between Malay and Thai massage along the length of our body. The Malay massage focuses on the muscles using long kneading strokes - ah, it felt so good! Thai massage is something new to me, with its stretching and bending movements which will increase energy flow. A traditional steam pouch filled with lemongrass, pandan leaves and steamed herbs is pressed along the body - this left a lovely warm sensation and definitely invigorating. We were told that this steam pouch can relax the body, alleviate muscle aches, and increase energy flow. The massage ends with the Rattan Tapping qi-gong which will stimulate blood circulation. We were then escorted back to the Relaxation Lounge for a ginger tea and some English fruit cake.

Welcome drink

The treatment room with twin beds

Outdoor bath

Spa Village's own blend of aromatherapy oils

Hubby chooses the Uplifting Body Oil

Traditional steam pouch filled with lemongrass, pandan leaves and herbs

The Campur-campur treatment is a combination of Malay and Thai massage

The treatment is finished with Rattan Tapping

Verdict: Loved the treatment, came out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! All the signs of a great massage/treatment. ;)

Please note that the Campur-Campur treatment is not recommended for guests that have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant due to the usage of the traditional steam pouch.

Spa Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm.

Service: Excellent.

Price: RM550++ per person for 2-hours treatment. 

Location: Spa Village Kuala Lumpur, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, 4th Floor, 168 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 3 2782 9090 


  1. Most have been a lovely experience. I would love some spa right now :)

    1. Yes it was really good! I wouldn't mind getting a spa here again ;)

  2. This post is incomplete and missing some photos of either you or the hubby on that massage table. Or both :D

    1. Haha! Let's leave tht job to the professional models. :D

  3. I want to go! But 550++ per person....Hmm maybe have to wait for a birthday treat.. Hehehee

    1. Hehe wouldn't it be a nice birthday treat? Hint hint Mr Mah. :P

  4. oooh, maybe i could treat myself to this next month. the next two or three weeks are gonna be quite grueling for me at work, and i'll need a restful reward after that! :D

  5. I love spas and felt relaxed after even just reading your review!! :D

  6. Sounds like u had a great massage.


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