Sunday, April 21, 2013

Famous Dampfnudel @ Dampfnudel Uli, Regensburg, Germany

When you think about German desserts, you usually would consider classic favourites such as Black Forest Cake, Berliner doughnuts, and Lebkuchen. Dampfnudel is one of them, not too well known outside of Germany, but loved by locals and tourists alike. And in Dampfnudel Uli, Regensburg, we have a shop selling one of the most reknowned Dampfnudels in the country

Dampfnudel is a sweet bread roll deep fried and topped with a sauce. The version at Dampfnudel Uli is a bread soft on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside, complimented by a thick vanilla custard sauce. This may be a dessert but it is also typically served as a main.

Uli's version of Dampfnudel

The exterior of Dampfnudel Uli. I imagine that they swing those wooden doors open every morning and shout out "Good day!". Well, they probably don't but let's just say they do ;-)

Uli Deutzer, the owner, is a proud Bavarian and this shows in the decor inside. You see the Bavarian flag and beer mugs all over inside and pictures of esteemed guests who have tried and loved his Dampfnudel. Amongst them are various stars of days past and there's even a picture of President Ronald Reagan giving his wishes to Uli from the White House. There is even a quote by Alfons Schuhbeck, celebrity chef of 1 Michelin starred Südtiroler Stuben, saying that "the best Dampfnudel is at Dampfnudel Uli". Uli mans the kitchen on his own and the man's longevity is admirable as he is still going strong at age 70.

The interior

A Radler (€2.90) to drink. The version here is much lighter, presumably contains more lemonade.

Uli in action

Fresh bread at the tables

Sweet mustard for the sausages

The signature Bayerische Dampfnudel mit Vanillesoße (€6.10)

The soft bread goes well with the vanilla custard. Pretty similar to bread pudding I would say. Nice!

We also had Der weiß-blaue Teller (€7.50) (The white-blue platter, a homage to their Bavarian roots)

The dish consists of a Kassler Ripperl (smoked and fried pork loin), two Regensburger sausages, bacon, two Reiberdatschi (potato pancake), sauerkraut and some salad.

Have a bite of this! Nice tender pork and we also loved the crispy potato pancake.

Verdict: We enjoyed both dishes, they may look simple but was cooked with finesse. It's no wonder that Uli still manages to draw in the crowds at his ripe old age.

Opening hours: Wed to Fri 10.01 to 18.01 hrs, Sat 10.01 to 15.01 hrs, closed on Sundays to Tuesdays.

Location: Dampfnudel Uli, Am Watmarkt 4, 93047 Regensburg, Germany.

Phone: 0941 - 5 32 97 (No reservations)

*This is a guest post by The Unc.


  1. gorgeous rustic place!! I wish i was back in germany... so many places I've not tried.. was a rather rushed tour that's why!

    1. I miss travelling around Europe too!

  2. You're in Germany. Wish I could go there...but I don't think I'd ever will. :(

    1. Not me Arthur, this is another guest post by The Unc (my brother).

  3. omigosh, i don't think i can pronounce Bayerische Dampfnudel mit Vanillesoße ... but i'd sure like to bite into it! :D

    1. I can't pronounce it either but that wont be stop me from eating it too!

  4. The pork platter was really good... great value for money too.

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  6. looked so simple yet delicious. I need one right about now

  7. They serve that bready custard yum as a main course?! Wow, go the Germans!

  8. I have been to Regensburg just once and I like this amazing tourist city. It was just one day trip and I visited most of tourist attractions here. I enjoyed my meal in Dicker Mann Restaurant. I like their food quality and service. I never heard about Dampfnudel Uli in my one day stay. Your article is really well descriptive and all images are also mouth watering. In my next tip to Regensburg, I will definitely try to be here. Thanks for the post.


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