Friday, November 4, 2011

Dining @ Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia

One of the best things about dining at Pangkor Laut Resort is the view - I mean who doesn't like watching the sunrise against a beautiful backdrop while eating their breakfast?

The good thing about being on the YTL Platinum Plus package was that we needn't worry about our meal costs since they were all inclusive in the rates we paid. Basically, on the package, you get 2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinner for a 3D2N stay. In general, food here is pretty good and nicely presented, just as you may find in some fine dining restaurants in KL. 

My intention was to write separate reviews for each restaurant but unfortunately I lost all my food photos from my corrupted HDD so I only have photos of the dining venues.

Breakfast is served buffet-style in Feast Village (near reception area). The quality of the buffet is very good, we enjoyed the fresh juice, which you can customise (whatever fruits you like). Most of the food is cooked to order, except for the fresh fruits, pastries etc. Every day, you will find a different type of noodle served - great for me since I like variety. There is also dim sum and Chinese porridge.  I remember during our last visit, they had egg tarts one morning and they were so good!

For dinner, there are a few options around the resort. The Straits is the fine dining restaurant, and children are not allowed in here. Same goes for Fisherman's Cove. Under the package though, we could only choose between Uncle Lim's and Feast Village or top-up a premium for Fisherman's Cove. Uncle Lim's Restaurant serves Nyonya and Hock-Chew Chinese style food, which we loved on our first visit but not so much on subsequent visits since they put a limitation on what dishes you can order there. So for dinner, we usually dine at Feast Village since the variety is much better; Western, Japanese, Malay can be found here, though we are more inclined to order the Western dishes. You can usually order 3-courses per person.

Private dining area 

For lunch, you can either dine at Jamu Bar, Royal Bay Beach Club,and Chapman's Bar. Jamu Bar is located within the Spa Village and serves Japanese food. Our favorite lunch spot is Royal Bay Beach Club since we like the food here, from the salad to the burgers to the grilled items to the desserts. Plus the view is just breathtaking!

View from Royal Bay Beach Club

Baby C enjoying her ice cream

Panna cotta .. oh yum!

Chapman's Bar is located at Emerald Bay so the view here is equally fabulous. We loved this place during our second visit to the resort but found that the food quality has declined on our 3rd visit. Most of the items we wanted to order off the menu were unavailable and what we eventually ordered turned out to be mediocre and quite bland. I certainly hope they improve, since this was the only disappointing restaurant we encountered during our recent 3 day stay.

Price: RM749 per person for the YTL Platinum Package (3D2N all inclusive). To make a booking, you can contact the YTL Travel Centre (03-2783 1000)

Location: Pangkor Laut Resort, Pangkor Laut Island, 32200 Lumut, Perak, Malaysia.

GPS Coordinates: 4.214365, 100.610776


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  1. Looks like a dream!! I haven't been back in ages. nice to know they still keep everything spanking;)

  2. Ciki: I guess thats one of their main attractions - a very well kept resort.

  3. gosh, so nice to be dining near the sea. i think that's the thing we really lack in KL. we have restaurants with views of skyscrapers, parks, etc, but nothing worth mentioning that overlooks a great river or sea. there are restaurants near man-made lakes, but those can't really compared to seaside dining :D

  4. ah, how i wish i could teleport myself here!

  5. Wow .... your travel posts have never ceased to amaze. All inclusive meals and accommodation at that price is pretty reasonable when you look at the amount of pampering you got.

  6. Sean: If we had restaurants by the sea in KL, then it wouldnt be much of a special holiday at PLR or other beach resorts ;P

  7. Michelle: Me too! I'm gonna make this my annual holiday destination. :D

  8. Small Kucing: Thanks dear. The place is just gorgeous, lovely to photograph.

  9. Choi Yen: Thx dear - considering I lost all my photos from previous trip, happy I could still churn out this post.

  10. J2kFM: Thanks very much - I guess I should ask HUbby to bring me on holiday more and write more travel posts. ;D

  11. Just got back from there! LOVED Uncle Lim! But we didn't get the limitation on dishes to order.. what did you mean by that? What dishes were not allowed?


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