Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wildlife and Nature @ Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia

Not only does Pangkor Laut Resort have beautiful white sandy beaches, there are lots of gorgeous wildlife and nature. The gardens are very well-kept and here is where I fell in love with the frangipani (or plumeria). It's a common sight to see girls with a frangipani stuck behind their ears.. Baby C and I also did it :)

This is more of a nature post, but I decided to post this here rather than on my other blog since it is related to the hotel posts that I have been doing.

Moving on... a common sight here is the peacock or peahen and her chicks. Since the restaurants are all open (no walls), the peacock is free to walk around so dont be alarmed if you see them walking next to your dining table. They're harmless and they won't try to get your food. Some days in the morning, we will see a peacock perched on our balcony or on our villa roof.

A proud peacock showing off

Beautiful flower arrangements around the resort

If you look up into the palm trees, you may catch a glimpse of the hornbill. 

Take a walk by the sea villas, and on the right hand side, you will see lots of big rocks. And sometimes, you may see lots of small fishes or even a water lizard .... it looks like this.. it just sits there for hours and hours... possibly getting a tan. :P

In the Spa Village, you can see lots of koi fish and also tortoises. Here's a tortoise getting a piggy back on a (not real) tortoise. :P

One morning, we found a colorful fish swept up on the beach in front of Royal Bay Beach Club. So pretty but what a pity :(

And another morning, we found a stingray at Emerald Bay. 

Monkeys are very common here. So do keep your villa doors shut or they may ransack your room. We once saw a couple of monkeys hanging above the villa fence line when we were enjoying the outdoor bath. I dont think they're violent but just be careful when u see one.

A monkey trying to curi makan in one of the empty kitchens

If you see hear a loud echoing sounds in the evenings, they're probably the bats. In the evening, if you look up at the big trees in front of the beach villas, you will find lots of bats hanging upside down and as night approaches, you may find them flying around. This shot was taken at dawn, just before sunrise.

Beautiful purple sky at dawn

At Emerald Bay, you may find small crabs scurrying around the sand. Dont worry - no crabs were hurt in the making of this photo. We released it after the photo was taken :)

With this ends my Pangkor Laut Resort posts. I hope you enjoyed reading them all. Here's a recap of all my posts:
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Hope to go back there next year with my two kids. :)


  1. wow, it's nice to be chancing on graceful, harmless peacocks, tortoises and hornbills ... instead of the rats & cockroaches that we get in KL! a huge rat actually ran past me in front of the ground-floor restaurants near the klcc fountain recently! :D

  2. Haha rats! That's something we all do not want to see either on holiday, KL or home :P

  3. Peacock, water lizard & hornbill!! Wow amazing!

  4. i totally need a getaway that involves lots of trees, flowers and wildlife like this. unfortunately, the shopping bit usually gets the better of me and i always end up picking some metropolitan place

  5. wow....nice shot, like to be a photographer to but no skil

  6. Whoa, peacocks always show off huh. LOL. Wonder why the pretty fish swept ashore though, suicide. HAHA im being lame, sorry. :D

  7. Yup, enjoyed all of the posts. Any travel post in fact, will get my blood rushing; itching for a getaway.

  8. This post makes me want to go to Pangkor! Fabulous photos.

  9. Quay Po: You should! You can go under the YTL Platinum Plus package.. its a really lovely place with great service.


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