Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Noodles @ Kedai Makanan Ng Hong, Taman Len Sen, Cheras

Since we're on the topic of noodles, let's follow up with another noodle post. This time, it's Chinese noodles.

Hakka abacus noodle and wat tan hor

The prerequisite of a good plate of Chinese fried noodles is wok hei. Wok hei is the flavour, taste and essence imparted by a hot wok during stir frying. To impart wok hei, the noodles must be cooked in a wok over a high open flame while being stirred and tossed quickly.

when we feel like having a plate of Chinese noodle full of wok hei, we head to our local noodle stall situated in Kedai Makanan Ng Hong in Taman Len Sen, Cheras.

An open flame is a must to impart wok hei

It is here that we discovered the Hakka Abacus Noodles (suan pan ji) or Hakka Marble (RM8.00). This dish is considered one of the daintiest of Hakka cuisine. The name of this dish, suan pan ji, is derived from the shape of the noodles which closely resembles the beads from a Chinese abacus.

Some say it is the Chinese equivalent of the Italian dumplings, gnocchi. The dough is made from mashed pumpkin and tapioca flour, boiled and then stir fried with minced pork, Chinese mushrooms, black wood fungus (mok yee), chopped coriander and spring onions. These cute little noodles have a nice chewy bite to it and the sauce is extremely flavoursome.

Another specialty here is the Fried Pak Ko (RM7.00), a flat white noodle made from vermicelli and white cabbage. The cooking style is similar to the Hakka abacus noodle, with the addition of lard fritters (chee yau char) and white cabbage. Similarly, these noodles have a very nice texture.

Tasty plate of fried pak ko

One of my favorite noodle dishes, wat tan hor (flat white noodles with egg gravy) (RM5.50) is available here too. And the version they do here is pretty good, as the egg gravy is thick and rich. They are pretty generous with flat white noodles (a small portion can feed at least 2 persons), which comes with pork, choy sum and prawns.

You can also get Fried Rice (RM5.50) here on weekdays. The fried rice comes with prawns, diced char siew (BBQ pork) and spring onions. I find that it lacks a little seasoning.

The Hokkien Mee (stir fried fat yellow noodles) (RM5.50) here is also good (sorry no picture). Plenty of lard fritters (chee yau char) are thrown in and the noodles are coated in a yummy dark sauce.

Opening times: 4.30pm - 12.00am. Closed on Tuesdays.

Price: Reasonable.

: Kedai Makanan Ng Hong, Jalan 1, Taman Len Sen, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 017-336 5457 (For takeaways)

GPS Coordinates: 3.074267, 101.742196


  1. Heard before about suan pan ji but never taste yet.

    Noted about the Pak Kor. Hubi likes


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