Thursday, December 20, 2018

Maggi Kari, Bringing Back Childhood Memories

It's late at night and I'm burning the midnight oil as it's exam season. I hear a sound but it's just my tummy rumbling. But right on cue, mum would always appear as though by magic and offers to make me my favorite late night comfort food. My mum knows that I function best when my tummy is full. Five minutes later, she reappears with a bowl of steaming hot Maggi Kari noodles which I devour. Feeling content, I ease back into my studies with a happy tummy.

Reading a recent article in Harian Metro about the author's nostalgia of having Maggi as a child brought back these fond memories of my "Maggi days".

Did you know that Maggi noodles are made from two types of wheat sourced from Australia? A blend of Australian hard wheat and Australian premium white wheat is used to create the much-loved springy noodles. The high quality wheat are also a good source of protein and carbohydrates.

Not only that, to achieve the signature Kari taste, quality spices are sourced from different parts of the world, such as chillies from India and star anise from Turkey. Using a timeless recipe created by Maggi's in-house chefs, a total of 12 secret spices are ground and then slow cooked until "pecah minyak" to release the flavours. Once cooked, the curry is then kept cool to dry naturally. Hence, no artificial preservatives are added to the seasoning.

For a balanced meal, you can add your favorite vegetables and protein such as chicken, egg or tofu. I love adding in some fishballs as they taste so good in the curry soup. This is my "comfort food in a bowl".

For more information, please visit the Maggi "From Our Kitchen" website.

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