Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Nori Sushi, Fraser Place, KL: Japanese Food and Omakase

Nori Sushi is a quaint Japanese restaurant which recently opened at Fraser Place, Kuala Lumpur. Sit beneath a sakura tree as you savour your meal or grab a seat at the sushi bar and watch as the chefs skillfully prepare your meal.

The a la carte menu features sashimi, nigiri sushi, hosomaki, reverse rolls, hand rolls, tempura, yakimono and tartare along with a fine selection of sake, shochu and Japanese whisky. Diners can also opt for the omakase, leaving it to the hands of the capable Chef Joe to curate a bespoke menu for your dining pleasure.

Helming the kitchen here is Executive Chef Joe who has over 25 years culinary experience in Japanese cuisine and has travelled extensively and worked in various Japanese restaurants in Zimbabwe, Thailand, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. His creativity and love for local ingredients inspires him to introduce non-native Japanese ingredients in his dishes.

We had the pleasure of experiencing a 6-course omakase meal here at Nori Sushi recently, starting with a trio of appetizers. This will showcase chef's daily custom creation; during our visit, we had the Tsukune cheese yaki, Sawa kani karaage and Treasure bag 'hiroshi' bag. My favorite was the Sawa kani, a Japanese freshwater crab, deep fried so it was crunchy and wholly edible. Almost too cute to eat!

Next, we were served the Chef's Special Tuna Ball, chopped tuna tartare marinated in a spicy sauce and stuffed with cream cheese and topped with avocado slices. Love the rich, creamy mouthfeel that this dish exuded along with the spiciness perking up our tastebuds.

Who doesn't love a good temaki (hand roll)? Gomuku temaki featuring chopped raw fish, fish roe, Japanese rice and cucumber wrapped in seaweed.

Sashimi is my favorite thing to eat in a Japanese restaurant and we were definitely wowed when the Sashimi Moriawase was served at our table. Beautifully plated, this was a feast for the eyes and belly as it featured fresh, thick slices of raw fish such as salmon, maguro, kampachi, tako, botan edi and katsuo bonito. So so good!

The Sashimi Ponzu Slices featured a variety of raw fish are topped with spring onions, garlic slice and a touch of cheese with ponzu and shisho dressing. A fine, alternative way of enjoying sashimi.

Finally, we were served Nigiri Sushi with various fresh raw fish topping (such as ika with uni, salmon, tuna, kampachi) along with a hot bowl of miso soup. To conclude our meal, we had the rich and smooth homemade panna cotta green tea custard.

The element of surprise, plus the fresh ingredients and chef's skills made the omakase experience here truly interesting. Thank Chef Joe for a great meal!

*Note: Omakase can be crafted according to guest's budget. The omakase above costs RM500 for 3 pax.

Nori Sushi also offers set lunches, priced at RM37 per set. Please find the menus for September and October below.

For event enquiries or group reservation, please contact Joanna at or call 011-1769 8233. 

Opening times: Lunch 12pm - 3pm; Dinner 6pm - 10pm. Closed on Sundays. 

Location: Nori Sushi, Fraser Place, Lot 163, 10 Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2181 4873


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  1. Nice! Very elegant, love the table setting, the presentation of the dishes - works of art!

  2. Did the chef used any alcohol in the dishes (especially the sushi rice)? I would love to have a mealthere!


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