Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas Crafts: How to Make Santa Suit Christmas Cards

Our favorite month of the year is finally here! The Christmas Tree has been put up at home and by the first week of December, we make sure that we have sent out our Christmas greetings to our friends and family.

Santa Suit Christmas Cards

For this year's Christmas Card, we chose this cute Santa Claus Suit design. It's simple to make and instantly recognizable. Do watch the "how-to" video on my YouTube channel and I have also included the step-by-step instructions below.

Santa Suit Christmas Cards

What you'll need: Red thick art paper / card A4 size x 20, Black thick art paper / card x 4, Yellow art paper x 1, White paper x 10, Scissors, Retractable blade, Strong glue, Double sided tape, 60 buttons (any colour/size).

Time required: 2 hours to make 20 cards


1. Fold the red paper cards in half.

2. Start by cutting out 40 no. Santa suit collars using the white paper. Find an object with a curve to help you out - they should go from the centre of the red card to about 3cm from the top at an angle.

3. Cut 20 long strips from the white paper, measuring about 15cm x 1.5cm thick.

4. Using the double sticky tape, stick on the long strip and white collar (from Step 2 & 3) onto the red card, as shown below.

5. Next make the Santa belt. Cut 20 strips from the black art card paper measuring 21cm x 1.5cm thick. Then cut out 20 small rectangle from yellow art paper, measuring about 4cm x 3cm. Make two slits at both ends of the rectangle so you can insert the belt through.

6. Ensure that the yellow buckle is in the centre of the card, and stick onto the red card using double sided sticky tape.

7. Stick on the buttons onto the white strip in the centre, spaced as below.

And ta-daaaaaaa... your Santa suit cards are ready for sending out!

Our little elves did an excellent job helping decorate the Christmas tree 

For more Christmas craft ideas, see here: Santa Christmas CardsRudolph Reindeers and Snowman.

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