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Toriden Lot 10, The Table, KL + GIVEAWAY!

For those who love hotpot (aka steamboat), Toriden is the place to be, for an authentic Japanese hotpot experience.

Located on Level 4 of Isetan The Japan Store at The Table, one can savour the Mizutaki, a traditional dish originating from Japan's Hakata region, Fukuoka at Toriden.

Every day, Toriden produce a luscious chicken soup by boiling farm fresh chicken for at least six hours to fully extract its flavours and natural collagen; this soup is the base of their chicken hotpot (Mizutaki).

To start, we were served a Toriden Tamago each (RM10). One of Toriden's signature dishes, the soft boiled egg is topped on chicken miso and garnished with a sansho pepper. Maki, the restaurant manager, explains the right way to enjoy this - break the egg into half and mix in the chicken miso. Beautifully runny, the chicken miso added a lovely umaminess to it.

For the Mizutaki, a pot, containing the rich, flavourful chicken stock is brought to the boil at your table. The good thing about having hotpot here, is that you can sit back and enjoy while the staff prepares everything for you and guides you on how to enjoy Mizutaki. The Mizutaki is priced at RM60 per set (for 1-2 person) and comes with 1 breast, 2 thigh, chicken meatball and vegetables.

First, our server scoops out some soup into a small bowl and invites us to taste the pure, unadulterated taste of the soup (with no seasoning). She then points out a couple of condiments on the table, which we can add to enhance the taste of the soup according to our preference - original yuzu, red chilli yuzu and green chilli yuzu kosho from Kyushu, Japan as well as salt. We liked ours best with the original yuzu kosho and salt.

While we sipped on our soup, our server removed the chicken pieces from the broth and topped it with green onion and leek which she added to the soup previously. High quality chicken parts such as thigh and breast meat is used. For this, our server suggests adding some ponzu sauce - the tangy flavours whet our appetite and complements the chicken well.

Next,  using minced chicken and gizzards, our server makes chicken meatballs and drops them into the hot soup. Then, vegetables, tofu and Kudzu starch noodles are added. Ten minutes later, this beautiful bowl of colorful, healthy goodness is placed before me. Who says healthy eating needs to be boring? The meatballs were deliciously juicy and I made sure I had extra helpings of the sweet, hearty broth.

Toriden also offers tantan-men on their a la carte menu, and if you love hot and spicy flavours, this is not to be missed. We had the special chiken tantan-men (RM28) and it was terrific. The broth was flavorful and packed a punch. The ramen noodles were springy and the bowl of noodles also came with half a runny egg. We loved it! Diners who order this will also be given a disposable apron to wear, how thoughtful! ;) Other than the soup version, they also do a dry or mixed salad variety.

Chicken is the highlight at Toriden, so you will also find other dishes such as toriwasa (chicken salad), fried chicken and chicken tempura.

For dessert, we had the petite Koicha Panna Cotta (RM10) and Hojicha pudding (roasted green tea pudding - RM10), both made using green tea from Hoshino Tea Garden in Yame city. Loved the silky smooth, delicate texture of them both, but especially the koicha panna cotta which had an intense green tea flavour.

Tatami seating is available at Toriden Lot 10.


Toriden would like to offer one lucky blog reader a RM200 cash voucher to spend at the Toriden outlet in The Table, Lot 10.  

To enter this giveaway, please complete all the below steps to qualify.

1. Follow Toriden on both Instagram and Facebook (IG:Toridenlot10 , FB:Toridenlot10)
2. Follow Baby Sumo on both Instagram and Facebook (IG: babysumo, FB: GoodyFoodies)
3. In the comments below, tell me what you would like to try at Toriden and leave both your IG and FB handles.

[Optional] Receive a Bonus Entry if you share this post on Facebook, with hashtag #ToridenXBabySumo. (Please ensure your profile is public so that I can view it)

Contest will run from 28 December 2017 until 2 January 2018 3pm. Winners be will chosen at random and notified via Instagram or Facebook DM. Voucher is valid until 31 January 2018.

Good luck!

[4 Jan 2018] Winner announcement: 
Congratulations Angeline ML Ong - you are the lucky winner of the RM200 cash voucher! Please respond to Instagram DM by 5/1/18 6pm, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

Menu can be viewed here. The restaurant is pork-free.

Opening hours: Lunch: 11:00am - 3:00pm (L.O 14:00); Dinner: 6:00pm - 11:00pm (L.O 21:30). Closed on Wednesday.

Location: Toriden, The Table, Level 4F, Isetan the Japan Store, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Parking RM6 for first 3 hours)

Tel: 03-2141 7777


GPS Coordinates: 3.146451, 101.712460

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  1. I would like to try their Matsu course and Toriden Tamago. Hope to be one of the lucky blog reader winner for this giveaway :)

    IG : jlping24
    Facebook : Jenny Lim Ping

  2. I would love to try their latest hotpot from their menu, which is the Original Toriden Tomato Nabe.

    IG: makijessiesoon
    FB: 真木 ジェシースーン (

  3. Something famous in Fukuoka and tried it when I was there for a Student Exchange programme. I would definitely want to try Mizutaki here and this time round with my husband.
    IG : ashwininair
    FB : Ashwini Nair

  4. Oh my! The eggs!!! I so love the soft runny yolks.

  5. As a hotpot enthusiast, the chicken hotpot definitely something I want to try as I never try any steamboat or hotpot with chicken base soup. From the milky colour of the broth, I can tell that the soup is very flavorful, drooling~~~
    IG: @choiyen
    FB: ngchoiyen

  6. Hi BabySumo,

    Your post are so attractive! I would love to try the Mizutaki and pecial chiken tantan-me!! The collagen in the soup and the spiciness of noodles are making me drooling now!! =)

    IG: jannylyl
    FB: YeeLing Low

  7. Mizutaki! I have never tried it before so this looks like an amazing opportunity to try it out!

    IG : @stepphieml
    FB: Steph M Lim

  8. I would like to try the Mizutaki for sure!

    IG: ongml87
    FB: Angeline ML Ong

  9. Hello BabySumo,

    I had just finished my dinner but your post makes me feel hungry again.. DROOLING especially on the Special Chicken Tantan-Men.. I would love to try the Special Chicken Tantan-Men, especially the taste of the spicyness :)

    IG: behyunru
    FB: Yun Ru

  10. Hi baby sumo, I would like to try the mizutaki. It looks like a very warm and homey dish, packed with chicken essence, and chicken happens to be my favorite meat!
    IG: joshuachik
    FB: joshua chik

  11. Liked, followed , share!!

    I’m a freak for Japanese food , a late comer I must say. I only converted after my recent trip to Japan with my family! Winning these vouchers would be great as I could finally bring my parents out for a good hearty meal, as they are obsessed with Japanese food after the trip too. It’s more of the craftsmanship and thought the Japanese people put into serving their dishes. It’s overwhelming! Anyway, it would make be a great present for my mom as her bday is coming up soon. Knowing my parents , they aren’t willing to spend much on good food . Hence, this voucher would be a great opportunity for them to explore some of the most amazing Japanese food they have in malaysia .

    Instagram : @tmxuan
    Facebook: Mei-Xuan Tan

  12. I'm in love with your blog and all the photos u post. It will be utterly fantastic given a gift to start the new year to experience the delicious Mizutaki and 'taste' your photos.
    IG - sookpengloh
    FB - sookpeng loh

  13. Hi Babysumo,

    I am currently on this diet which is similar to Keto but not quite. So the toriwasa, fried chicken and chicken tempura are things that are on my diet food! Yippee yay! Also the collagen broth are my fat booster suitable for my diet. I am able to fully enjoy this meal while on a diet! Woohooo...

    IG : peiteesiow
    FB : PeiTee Siow

  14. Hi babysumo,
    This will be such perfect giveaway to me n family. As being Chinese muslim, it is very very hard to find such good pork free Japanese ramen contents high collagen. My both sons are Japanese food lover. This will be very great if I can win this for them in this new year.Thank you so much.
    IG : Rita Jovan
    FB : Rita Homebake
    Email :

  15. Hi babysumo
    I want to try the Toriden Tamago! Look like very fantastic!! I have no chance to go to Japan yet, but I and my wife really like Japenese food.
    Beside that I also always follow ur FB update and your family status update as well, babysumokids & chloeanddanielsdaddy!! Your review are always helpful for us.
    FB :fooqs
    IG :qsfoo



  16. I would like to try the hotpot. It looks so yummy and flavorful. Can't wait to give it a try!! ����
    IG : Elaine Tan
    FB: Elaine Tan May Yoong

  17. I want to try the Toriden Tamago ! Salivating while looking at those runny yolks ! IG : _munyee_ Fb : Munyee Toh

  18. Would love to try out Toriden as the first restaurant I dine in Isetan the Japan Store, as I have not been there before. The food looks amazing and I would love to bring my family there. My mum loves Japanese food!

    Really wish that I can win the vouchers. Happy New Year!

    IG: vivianlaweewei
    FB: Vivian Law

  19. I've always wanted to sample Traditional mizutaki styled chicken,as with all things Japanese there is a waste not,want not attitude where no part of the lovingly raised chicken is wasted,hence I would like the opportunity to try toriden at the Japan store

    FB: erni Chan


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