Sunday, November 26, 2017

Restoran Sweetland, Cheras - For Excellent Char Siew & Noodles

Note: The chicken rice shop has moved to Batu 11 Cheras and the fried noodle shop has closed down. Come here for the curry laksa and char koay teow instead.

Happiness is... when you discover new eateries serving great food!

Earlier this week, we were in the vicinity since I wanted to get santan (coconut milk) for our mango sticky rice dessert.  There was a Thai restaurant I wanted to try, but it has closed down so we walked over to Restoran Sweetland to see what stalls were opened. Right at the entrance was a noodle stall - there were pictures of the noodles dishes they offer here along with their English names below it. We placed our order for two noodles dishes and went inside to look for a table.

While waiting for noodle dishes to arrive, we spotted strips of char siew hanging at the chicken rice stall. I remembered someone commenting on my previous post about it being good as it is grilled with charcoal so we decided to try. We ordered a small portion (RM6) and indeed, it was good! As I was photographing it, I knew I would like it already as I could see the tender meat and melting layers of fat. The outer layer was also nicely caramelised and sticky, so yummy! So happy to discover this! ;)

Our first noodle dish arrived - the fried kungfu sang mee noodles. It looked great and we couldn't wait to dig in! Fresh egg noodles have been deep fried so it was nice and crispy, then you eat it together with the rich eggy sauce along with prawns, pork slices and vegetable. Both Hubby and I agreed that the noodles tasted fantastic and that we would definitely return for this.

We also had a Fried Koay Teow which uses thicker type of koay teow noodles. It was decent and tasty enough, though we would probably not reorder this again as we prefer the version using thinner noodles. There was ample amount of beansprouts, fish cake, chicken slices, prawn and egg.

Best of all, both noodles only came up to RM12, very reasonably priced indeed.

Since then, we have returned several times to have their char siew. Do remember to specify for "pun fei sau"(half lean half fat) for maximum pleasure! We usually have the small portion for RM6.

Hubby also tried their char siew siew yuk fan (BBQ pork and roasted pork rice) (RM8.50). We liked the roast pork here too, as it is flavorful and has a lovely crispy, crackling. A nice balanced meal as it comes with fragrant rice and a bowl of soup too.

Kungfu sang mee again cos we love it! (RM6 per plate)

Also tried the loh mee (braised noodles with black vinegar).. very appetizing! (RM6)

You can also get a good bowl of curry laksa here. Read our review here.

Opening times: 8am to 2pm daily.

Location: Restoran Sweetland, No.65, Jalan 34/154, Taman Delima, 56000 Cheras, KL. (Waze: Restoran SweetLand)

GPS Coordinates: 3.057619, 101.747664

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  1. Any clues where the chicken rice moved to at batu 11?thanks


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