Thursday, November 30, 2017

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, KL

The Year-End School Holidays are upon us once again. Bring your kids for a fun day out at Berjaya Times Square Theme Park KL, the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia.

The theme park is open daily during the school holidays from 11am to 10pm. Tickets can be purchased on Level 5 at the ticketing office and a second entry within same day is permitted with your wristband.

On Level 5, you will find the Galaxy Station housing exhilarating adult rides such as Spinning Orbit and Ooort's Express. Not to be missed is the Supersonic Odyssey, Asia-Pacific's longest multiple-inverted roller coaster that is 800 meters long and runs at a top speed of 80kmph. Perfect for thrill-seekers! Your child may also go on these rides if they meet the minimum height requirement of 140cm.

The roller coaster ride is indeed thrilling, as Hubby can attest to; looping the loop and making high speed drops and turns.

For the younger children, head on up to Level 7 where you will the Fantasy Garden for hours of unlimited fun. Hop onboard the train and go on a ride through the Fantasy Trail.... look out for the special "glow in the dark" effects as you go through the tunnels.

Other family rides you can go on here are the Botanic Drive (it's like going on a safari and your kids get to "pretend" they're driving the jeep), Crazy Bus (the bus goes up and down in anti-clockwise direction) and Buddy Go Round (their version of a merry-go-round).

Their favorite ride here at the theme park was the Honey Bump, the kids version of bumper cars. Our children must have gone on this more than 20 times, as they had so much fun driving the mini cars around the circuit. Their driving skills were pretty good for their age, I have to say.

Do note that there is a maximum height of 140cm for certain rides too, and Baby C just about made it on most rides as she's growing up fast!

Take a ride on one of the Flying Bumbee Bees - the control buttons allow the children to move up and down as they please. The kids were "buzzing" when they came off this ride.

We've seen the adult versions of this swinging ship in other theme parks before, so the kids were intrigued about Molly's Cool Swing. For the best experience, do sit at the far end of the ship ;)

For those above 140cm, there is Robo Crash, the adult's version of bumper cars.

All in all, a very enjoyable, fun day out for the kids. We easily spent about 4-5 hours here. Unlike most theme parks which only allow single entry, I think it's really great that we can reenter once more within the same day - this means we can take a breather or go out for a nice meal and then come back again to enjoy the rides.

Ticket prices (there are special rates for families)

Opening times: Mon-Fri 12pm - 10pm; Sat, Sun, School Holidays & Public Holidays 11am - 10pm.

Location:  Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, Level 5 & 7, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2117 3118

GPS Coordinates: 3.142637, 101.709538


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  1. This has been around for quite sometime already, right? I think I did see something like this when I was there...years ago, never went to check it out.

  2. hope the kids are enjoying their break! if only this theme park had been open when i was much younger, i'd have loved it! :D


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