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Dakgalbi @ Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, Cheras

Dakgalbi, also known as spicy Korean stir fried chicken is not a new phenomenon in KL. We first noticed Uncle Jang in Bandar Mahkota Cheras when it first opened a couple of years ago. Everytime we drive past, I would tell Hubby that I want to try it, but it kept getting put off as we usually go for Korean BBQ as the food is more kids-friendly.

Recently I watched a Korean food programme and the host was showcasing a dakgalbi restaurant and the sight of it just made me hungry. So last week when the kids were in school, Hubby and I finally went for our first dakgalbi experience at Uncle Jang.

I was wary that it would be hot since it was midday, and the staff somehow read my mind and directed us to the "coolest" table in the restaurant. Very attentive, I liked this place already. Soon after, they brought us the menus to browse. They have two types of dakgalbi here: normal and spicy. The Korean lady boss came over to speak to us and explained that for first timers, we should go for the "normal".

Each table is equipped with a giant round hot plate where all the cooking takes place. The wait staff brings out our dakgalbi and proceeds to cook it. Dakgalbi, which originates from Chuncheon in Korea, is made up of  fresh boneless chicken drumstick, gochujang sauce, sweet potatoes, cabbage, scallions and tteok (Korean rice cakes). There is minimum order of 2 sets for 2-3 persons dining and is priced at RM21 for normal and RM22 for spicy. Lettuce as well as kimchi (refillable) is served together. We ordered ramen (RM6) to go with it, so just as it's ready, the ramen is tossed into the mix.

The spiciness level was just right for us, just enough to leave our tastebuds tingling and wanting more. The whole combination of ramen with the juicy chicken, sweet cabbage and chewy rice cakes just works brilliantly together.

According to the "Dakgalbi Eating Guide", you can order fried rice once you've eaten 70% of the dakgalbi. We went for it, since we wanted the complete dakgalbi experience. The fried rice here is actually white rice plus lettuce, seaweed and kimchi, but don't be disheartened as once it's all stir fried together with the remaining dakgalbi, it tastes absolutely delicious (though portions are gigantic so do only order this if you have a huge appetite or have more people in your party).

Once it's ready... voila!

And this is how Hubby serves it to BabySumo ... ♥

Overall, the food and service is good however be prepared to walk out smelling like dakgalbi as the ventilation is not great.

Please check out this "Dakgalbi Eating Guide" video that I made over lunch. Enjoy!

Menu at Uncle Jang

On a separate occasion, we returned with a larger group and also tried the Kimchi jjigae (RM19) and Samgyetang (RM19). The kimchi jjigae had a nice spicy note to it. The samgyetang comes with half a spring chicken, stuffed with glutinous rice and jujube. 

And this officially kickstarts BabySumoBirthdayMonth 2017! More to come. ;)


Opening times: Mon-Fri (except Tue) 12pm-3pm, 5.30pm- 10.30pm; Sat-Sun 12pm-10.30pm, Tue 5.30pm - 10.30pm.

Location: Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, No 25-1, Jalan Mahkota Residence, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia. (Street parking available)

Tel: 03-9010 9915

Price: RM64.50 (You will be given a stamp for every dakgalbi set ordered, and once you get 15 stamps, you get one dakgalbi set free. No expiry)

GPS Coordinates: 3.051089, 101.781470

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  1. The ladies in the house would love this - they're so into anything and everything Korean.


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