Monday, August 28, 2017

Exploring Street Art in Aberdeen

Hubby is a big fan of street art,  and he has read (and seen photos on Instagram) about NuArt Aberdeen before our trip to Scotland. NuArt Festival is an internationally renowned event originally from Stavanger, and the Aberdeen version welcomed 11 international street artists which showcased their colorful work all around Aberdeen through a series of site-specific murals, installations, interventions and temporary exhibitions.

So, Hubby and Baby C went on a hunt to find some street art and found some pretty good ones, then Hubby went again alone while I shopped with the kids, and he went one final time with all of us to see if we could spot some that he missed in his previous visits. If you have some time, it is definitely worth going for a look. There is also a free walking tour every Saturday which starts 11.30am from The Green, one of our friends has been and tells us it's very informative.

Here are some that we found during our visit (along with their locations.. you're welcome)

We parked at Trinity Centre, and walked down to Windmill Brae for this... located at McCall's delivery entrance. By Jaune, who's ex-profession is a sanitation worker.. now the protagonist in his work.

Pigeons were notorious alongside seagulls for attacking rubbish bags around town before wheelie bins were introduced. See the mini council workers fighting off the army of birds. Artwork by Jaune

It's raining pigeon poop.. LOL

A collaboration piece between Add Fuel and Jaune on Justice Mill Lane

A huge piece at The Green on the Aberdeen Market Wall by Herakut. Oh and you may have come across these anchors too, dotted all around the city in support of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

On East Green.. lots to be found here

By Hera of Herakut

Jaune's signature workmen

By Outings Project - transfers from museum walls to the streets

Alice Pasquini makes her mark in the city with lots of nice pieces like this..

At Carnegie's Brae.. walk on until you see Marks & Spencer

Another one by Alice

Hubby's favorite piece by Martin Whatson.. a huge stencilled golfer finished with graffiti tags in his colorful signature style. Located next to McKays (near the Queen Street police station).

Photo with the iconic red phone box

 The second biggest granite building in the world, Marischal College. An impressive structure. 

Robert the Bruce, King of Scots.

 Ice cream break

His Majesty's Theatre and a statue of Sir William Wallace

 We then headed to Union Terrace Gardens - look under the arches for street art by local street artists. Part of Summer of Art in Aberdeen.

By Treze

By Inkie

Emeli Sande by Razer

By Peter Sheridan

Another huge piece by Add Fuel - cross the road from Primark and you can get a good view of it from the bridge. Based on tiled entrance ways still found in Aberdeen’s Victorian homes.

Walk down Belmont Street (right opposite Slain's Castle pub) and you will this beautiful piece by Alice.

Some cute ones which the kids enjoyed hunting down.. by LostHills

You will also find a lot of "painted doors" along the way.. such as this first door for the project, 'The Mermaid and the Princess" by Shelagh Swanson on Windmill Brae.

Another one at Windmill Brae by Stuart Allan

Migration at Langstane Place

And a short video to highlight our walk nicely.

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