Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Brauhaus Em Kölsche Boor, Cologne, Germany

A couple of weeks ago, we were in Germany for a short break. A visit to Germany is of course not complete without a meal or two of German cuisine.

Our friends took us to Brauhaus Im Kölsche Boor in Cologne for some traditional German fare.  As we wanted to try more dishes, we ordered three dishes and shared it amongst ourselves. It was a good thing we didn't order more as the food portions here were huge.

A must-have is the kölsch, a beer brewed in Cologne which are served in smaller shot glasses. Over here, they serve Gaffel Kölsch. Waitresses carry the kölsch around in wreaths, so you can easily ask for refills. It's good that they are served in small glasses so you can always enjoy it cold.

They have an English menu here for tourists, though we didn't need it as we had competent German-speaking friends in our group :)

We had the Schweinshaxe (€13.90), pork knuckle with fried potatoes and cabbage salad. The meat was flavorful and tender, however it would have been better if the skin could have been was crispier. It does take quite a bit of skill to conquer this beast of a meat! :P

Rheinischer sauerbraten (€15.40), roast pickled beef with potato dumplings and red cabbage - the beef was nice and tender, and we liked the appetizing braised red cabbage.

Brauhaus-Schlachtplatte (€12.90), also known as the"Butcher's plate". Featuring ham, smoked sausage, black pudding, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Everything on this plate was too delicious, and wasn't too heavy.

Our friend had the Kleines Schweinesteak (€9.90) - small pork steak with pineapple, cheese au gratin and salad.

Opening times: 10.30am to 12am daily.

Service: Good.

Price: Total bill €75 (inclusive tip), for 4 adults 2 children.

Location: Brahaus Em Kölsche Boor, Eigelstein 121, 50668 Köln, Germany.

Tel: +49 (0) 221 135227


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  1. That kölsch does really have the essence of Germany. And it looks like it has a lot of good selection of food!

  2. Oooooo...German pork leg, I like!!! And their sausages too! Yumssss!!!!


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