Monday, March 9, 2015

Come Fly With Me

Happy to share some good news with you all! This month I'll be flying daily on all Firefly routes, both domestic and international.  How is that possible I hear you ask?

Simple - I am featured in this month's Firefly Official In-flight Magazine, FireFlyz - Malaysia's Mistress of Makan (page 42-43). You can also visit the E-Magazine (March 2015 issue) to view the article.

One of my recipes - the apricot, cranberry and nut loaf is also featured on page 71 of the March 2015 issue.

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  1. Yen, so happy to hear about it. Your hard work paid off. A BIG congratulations to you.

  2. Congrats on being featured. Wow, this perks is just awesome! Have fun traveling!

  3. Congratulations Yen! That's fantastic news! Safe travels :D

  4. the feature looks great! passengers will definitely enjoy reading this interesting article (sarah did nice work on it!) and admiring the mouth-watering pics ... it captures the positive spirit of your blog quite well! :)

  5. Congrats!!! Ummm...somehow "mistress of makan' doesn't seem to appeal all that much! I'd go for "culinary wonderwoman" or "chef de femme fatale"... Isn't that better? ;)

  6. That's wonderful, Yen! Good for you!

  7. Congratulation, Yen! It is great that you have such a wonderful recognition and exposure :D


  8. such a nice interview. Hey...Seremban rocks! cuttlefish beehoon rocks! HAHAHA!!
    I also hate petai. hehe... My entire family likes petai except me :-p

  9. Oh em gee, Yen! CONGRATS on the feature!!! :'D :'D


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