Thursday, July 10, 2014

Recipe: Summer fruits, Madagascan vanilla custard and Jaffa cakes

When we're on holiday, I really like going to the supermarket and checking out their fresh produce. One of the things I go a bit crazy buying are the fresh fruits. I mean who can resist buying a few packs of raspberries and cherries when they're only £2 each? Usually we just grab an assortment of summer fruits, then eat them for breakfast as well as snacking on them throughout the day.

So one day at the supermarket, we also got some Madagascan vanilla custard (doesn't that sound luxuriously yummy?) as well as mini Jaffa cakes, and this dessert was born. It's so easy to put together, I'm kinda ashamed to put it up as a recipe on the blog, but then again, it's good so you gotta try it. Simple, quick and everyone will love it! Can't wait to go on holiday again so I can buy lots and lots of fruits and make this again :)

Summer fruits, vanilla custard and Jaffa cakes
Recipe by Baby Sumo
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serves 4

200g blueberries
225g British raspberries
1 pack Sainsbury's mini Jaffa cakes (125g)
300g Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Madagascan vanilla custard

1. Wash fruits and drain. Crush half a pack of Jaffa cakes, and divide both fruits and Jaffa cakes into 4 glasses. Pour over generous amounts of custard, then garnish with remaining Jaffa cakes. Enjoy!

Note: The above ingredient quantities are an estimation as I did not have my scales with me. Feel free to put more berries / vanilla custard as you please.

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  1. thanks for sharing this recipe and the tempting photos! it looks like a creative use of all the separate ingredients, joining forces to become something delicious. i love vanilla-based desserts :D

  2. Beautiful photos. Those berries are certainly not cheap but I would certainly love to try this recipe out :D

  3. I love custard and I love vanilla. Nice side view, cafe standard presentation...or even better!

  4. I love going to overseas supermarkets too! I could spend ages in one and yes agree the fruit section is always so interesting! :D

  5. There's no shame at all Yen! I wouldn't have known what a fabulous dessert this is and how easy to put together if you did not post this up :) Nothing like having something that's all ready made hee..hee...

  6. Hi Yen,
    Yummy dessert! and so jealous of all the berries! :)

  7. We were so happy to had a lot of summer fruits during this trip, fresh and cheaper. :)


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