Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Beato Seakhouse, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, KL

I'm so glad Hubby and I share the love for STEAKS. During our last date night, we visited The Beato Steakhouse for some dry-aged steak action.

The Beato Steakhouse has 2 outlets, one in Publika and another at Bangsar. The Bangsar outlet is located next to Pappa Rich , on top of a vegetarian restaurant. The interior is simple and tasteful, with tables in the centre and a few booths at the side. The booths provide pretty good privacy for a romantic dinner. :)

Service here is polite and friendly. As soon as we were seated, we were handed a 1-page menu and a blackboard was placed before our table to show us what cuts (with respective weights) were available for the day. Beato specialises in dry-aged steaks, whereby the steaks are aged for a few weeks in a custom-made chiller and the resulting crust is trimmed off. During this aging process, the juices are absorbed into the meat making it more flavorful and tender.

Diners can choose from dry-aged porterhouse (RM37/100g), T-bone (RM26/100g), rib eye (RM38/100g), sirloin (RM32/100g), or wet aged tenderloin (RM60/100g). There are also fish courses or lamb available but we both went for the steaks, ordering the 385g ribeye (medium rare) and 415g sirloin (medium). Since the steaks we ordered were pretty sizeable, we decided to skip starters.

Iced peach tea (served with an ice ball) and some complimentary bread with olive tapenade/butter

When our steaks arrived, we both agreed that it looked very "sexy" - for us a good steak does not need many sides or sauces and we like how it is served naked with some roasted garlic and coarse sea salt.The steaks also had a very nice crust. We were served 3 types of mustard to go with our steak. We ordered 2 side dishes - sweet potato fries (RM14) and grilled asparagus (RM13). 

The manager came over to check if we were happy with the steak doneness, and yes, we were. Mine was cooked to a perfect medium. We found out from the manager that all their beef are from Australia and are grain-fed. The steaks were really flavorful and juicy. I also love love love the sweet potato fries, so crispy with a lovely natural sweetness.

Lovely crust!

I'm sexy and I know it ;)

My sirloin, all 415g of it!

Perfect medium doneness

Sweet potato fries- not to be missed!

Although I was pretty stuffed by the time I finished my steak, Hubby ordered a five-kind cheese platter (RM39) to share. We thought this was pretty good value, with a nice selection of cheese - Camembert, Brie, Blue Cheese, Gruyere and Cream Cheese.

Verdict: Overall, a fantastic steak dinner. Would definitely return :)

Opening times: Weekdays 5pm-12am.Weekends only 12pm-12am.

Service: Good.

Price: Total bill RM400 approx.

Location: The Beato Steakhouse, 24-1 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2202 2405


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  1. U can hear the crispyness of their steaks when u run a fork over them...hehe =)

    Love the sweet potato fries too...and their grilled corn cobs...the five-kind cheese platter looks good =)

    Beato has become my fav steakhouse :D

  2. Oh yes, that looks like a perfectly done steak!

  3. beautiful, beautiful photos of the thick slabs of steak! it's been a long time (too long!) since i had a cut of beef that was more than 300 grams :D

  4. Yen, this is steak lover's paradise! I would love to eat here too.


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