Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lunch @, Cologne, Germany

Korean food is one of my favourites and it doesn't take much to persuade me to try out a new restaurant serving Korean cuisine. One of the things I love about Korean food is the fact that you have a huge amount of variety with the side dishes. I've made my own kimchi a couple of times but haven't had the time to sit down lately to make some, so I had to get my quick fix from somewhere else. Our last visit to town presented just that opportunity!

We visited a Korean restaurant in close proximity to the city center of Cologne. The restaurant specializes in Korean barbecue but they also do the usual Korean fare such as udon, bibimbap, and bulgogi for their lunch menu.

Tender and flavoursome

Situated on a corner lot across an Asian grocery market

Interior is pretty modern and new. Each table has its own grill unit and an extractor fan

Side dishes consisted of 2 different kimchis, beansprouts and a brocolli/cabbage mix. We were disappointed with the measly portions and the fact that they do not do refills. €3.50 for an extra portion of kimchi seems extremely steep given that the korean restaurants we've been to in the past just give it to you for free.

Sobulgogi (€10.50) Flavoursome and had a nicely sized portion, we both enjoyed the bulgogi in this restaurant. The sauce went very well with the rice

Kimchi jjigae (€9.50) The Jjigae was good and had the right amount of spice to it. They definitely did not tone this down for the foreigners, and we love it! 

  A good day for a warming korean meal!

Verdict: We enjoyed the jjigae and bulgogi but were slightly disappointed with the mini side dish portions. Can't have them all it seems!

Price: €20 for two persons

Location:, Hohe Pforte 9, 50676 Cologne, Germany

Phone: 0221-99556860

Opening hours:Tuesday to Friday- 1200 to 1500hrs and 1800 to 2300 hrs
Saturday- 1200 to 2300 hrs
Sundays and Public holidays- 1800 to 2300 hrs

*This is a guest post by The Unc.

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  1. Hi Yen
    You are on holiday again!
    Nice ambience. The restaurant looks more like a western cuisine setting.

  2. Mm I love the side dishes too! They really make Korean food so interesting and different from other cuisines too. I love that each restaurant does the banchan differently too.


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