Sunday, January 6, 2013

Culinary Masterclass with Celebrity Chef Sam Leong at Tao Chinese Cuisine, InterContinental KL

On Saturday 12 January 2013, celebrity chef Sam Leong, also known as the Master of Chinese Modern Cuisine will be holding a cooking demo at Tao Chinese Cuisine in InterContinental KL. The newly renovated and upscale Tao Chinese Cuisine was unveiled in December 2012, serving an exquisite array of well-loved traditional Chinese fare, spiced with a modern twist and all served in Tao’s new contemporary and stylish interiors.

The cooking demo will start at 10.00am and is priced at RM150++ per person. Facebook fans of InterContinental KL can take advantage of their special offer - buy 2 cooking class seats and receive 1 free from today until Thursday 10 January. Click here for more details. Learn all the secrets then sit back and enjoy the meticulously prepared gourmet meal itself. 

Prawn coated with Wasabi-Mayo and Mango Salsa 


Double Boiled Chicken Consommé with Fresh Cordyceps Flower and Dried Conpoy 


Braised “E-Fu” Noodle with Mushroom 


Maraicbo Chocolate and Berry Sphere, Chinese Warm Chocolate Tea 

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