Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dim Sum @ Loon Sing Restaurant, Nilai (Visit #2)

Since our first visit to Loon Sing Restaurant, we have been meaning to return to try their dim sum fare. However, with Nilai being a little out of the way, we kept delaying our return visit until The Unc and Hubby were both home. Plus, having more people dine together meant we could order much more dim sum varieties to sample.

The restaurant was busy when we arrived, however we were quickly shown to a table. A quick glance at the order sheet reveals that they have 49 different types of dim sum here! Spoilt for choice, that's for sure. They were all very good, except for the xiao long bao and salad prawn dumpling.

To start off, a bowl of the Chef's Special Seafood Sharkfin Soup (RM20) which the little one loves!

A must-have for The Unc, steamed Loon Sing Prawn Dumpling (Ha Kaw) which came with juicy whole fresh prawns the size of golf balls.

Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce (RM3.80), Mummy's favourite.

Cheong fun (rice noodle rolls) filled with prawn meat and served with sweetened soy sauce and dried shrimp (RM7.50)

Steamed Fuzhou Fish Ball (RM3.80) for the little one - they are different from your regular fishballs as they contain a meaty filling in the middle.

Apparently, they ran out of char siew pau (at 11am!!), so we had the Loon Sing Special Minced Pork Pao (RM8.00) instead. A real treat indeed, the filling is extremely flavoursome compared to the regular paus.

Steamed Pork Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce (RM5.50) - the meat was lean and tasty

Steamed minced pork dumpling topped with shrimp (siew mai) (RM5.50) - our standard order

Deep fried crispy yam cake (RM4.80) - incredibly light batter with tasty filling

The deep fried salad prawn dumpling (RM5.80) was a total failure, look at the dish and you can instantly tell that the batter is too thick and slightly soggy. This is usually one of my favorite dim sum dishes (the prawn triangle at our usual place is awesome), but the one here is deeply disappointing.

Another bad dish, the steamed dumpling with minced pork a.k.a xiao long bao (RM5.80) was just not up to scratch. It's another case of bad skin, far too thick and not translucent and thin as it should be. The best xiao long bao I've had are still the ones from Din Tai Fung.

And finally, we ordered 3 plates of these beauties, Baked Egg Tart (RM4.80) which totally melts in your mouth!!

We felt like we were in pork heaven the first time we tried the DongPo Pork here (RM38- small), Ever since then, no other DongPo Pork at any other eateries could compare to the taste and quality of the one here. The ratio of belly vs lean meat is just right. Hubby who was not part of first visit, was very impressed with this dish. Needless to say, the plate was wiped clean within minutes!

Award-winning DongPo Pork (black sauce) - lipsmacking good!

Ooooh, is this what pork heaven looks like? ♥

We wanted a sea cucumber dish, and the Captain recommended the Fuzhou Style Sea Cucumber & Fish Maw (RM40-small). However, upon tasting the dish, I felt that the taste is overcomplicated and I would have much rather preferred it braised with oyster/abalone sauce.

Verdict: Dim sum here is excellent and fresh (only a couple of misses). But the star dish is definitely the DongPo Pork which I could eat over and over again!

Service: Excellent.

Price: Approx. RM180 for 5 persons. Pricey, but you do get very good quality food here!

Location: Loon Sing Restaurant, Pt 2484, Kawasan Perindustrian Nilai 2, Block D, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan (same place as Nilai Convention Hall)

GPS Coordinates: 2.826427,101.806623



  1. Pork Heaven!! I laughed - is this gonna be a comedy blog from now on?

  2. yihan: yup, it is indeed!

    chloe's daddy: hahaha I wish! Witty doesn't really flow in my blood.

  3. This is my all time fav restaurant in nilai for Buddha jump over the wall

  4. email2me: yeah, i like the buddha jump over the wall here too, but a bit pricey for regular consumption yeah..

  5. Ordered the rm250 per head buddah jump wall here , sucks big time , shame on them for dare to charge that much

    Please tell everyone to stay away from this place


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