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LI, Damansara Jaya - Contemporary Malaysian Restaurant

A hidden gem in Damansara Jaya, LI Restaurant is a contemporary Malaysian restaurant serving local Malaysian favourites with a twist. The restaurant is the brainchild of three friends Lim Heng Kit, Lim Yee Rui and Lee Ziyan, and the name of the restaurant takes its inspiration from their surnames.

Quirky corners in the restaurant

The menu is inspired by local cultures and ingredients, and enhanced by modern cooking techniques. One of the dishes you will find here is the classic Malaysian kopitiam favorite, kaya toast. However, instead of regular Hainanese bread, LI uses their homemade sourdough bread (RM3) which they pride themselves upon. Even the kaya is homemade (add on RM2), using the sous vide method. Smooth, rich and not too sweet, it goes well with the salted butter (RM2) and sourdough. Diners can also opt to have the sourdough bread with homemade roselle jam or soft boiled egg with soy.

Dragon fruit fizz and pineapple fizz (RM9 each)

One of the must-try items here is the Pork Toast (RM9.50), LI's take on the famous Roti Babi from Yut Kee. Minced pork is topped on their homemade sourdough and then deep fried together. Before serving it is drizzled with chilli mayo and herbs. Crunchy and delicious with a subtle hint of spiciness from the Sriracha mayo.

Porridge aka congee is a comfort food for many Malaysians. LI's congee is one of the bestsellers here, and is made using ikan bilis stock. The congee is topped with spring onion puree, a soft egg, fish sauce caramel, crispy fried ikan bilis and dehydrated kai lan. Not only does it look great, it's such a comforting dish too. Even Hubby who usually avoids congee loved this too.

Ikan bilis congee (RM10)

Chicken rice is another staple for many Malaysians, and LI pays tribute to this dish with their refined rendition, the House Rice Bowl (RM17.90). Using only chicken thigh, it is first brined, then pan seared skin-side down to crisp up the skin to a nice golden hue and then finished off in the oven. It is served with ginger and scallion, pickled cucumber, a soft egg and chilli mayo. Did I mention that I love the eggs here, cooked sous vide so they're always beautifully runny?

My favorite dish here is undoubtedly the Braised Pork Belly (RM30). Everything, from the melt-in-your-mouth texture to the beautiful flavours, was perfect. Amazingly tender, it was complemeted well by the charred lettuce, soft egg, pork glaze, crispy potatoes and ulam leaves. Special mention has to be given to the potatoes - so so good! They've been double fried so that they're really crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This dish comes with two pieces of potatoes, however if you're feeling greedy, you can always order another side portion of crispy potatoes for RM8. Major love for this dish!

If you need something to balance out the meat, try the Charred spiced cauliflower (RM17) served with yogurt and dukkah.

Finish off the meal with a lovely Soy milk panna cotta (RM10) served with pineapple jam and gula melaka sago. Eating this reminded me of tau fu fah.

Opening times: Tues to Fri 11.30am-9.30pm; Sat 10.30am-9.30pm; Sun 10.30am-5pm (*kitchen takes a break from 4pm till 6.30pm). Closed on Mondays.

Location: LI Restaurant, 47 Jalan SS22/23 Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya 47400 Selangor, Malaysia (park at Atria Mall, head towards Pappa Rich and exit - the restaurant will be on the right).

Tel: 03-7733 7692


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  1. The soy milk panna cotta got my attention.

  2. That's the prettiest congee I've ever seen.

  3. Their food seem simple yet unique in rendition but too much mayo on some dishes >_<


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