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Cinema A La Carte KL - La Mexicana, Bangsar

When watching a food movie, don't you sometimes wish that you could actually taste the dishes in the movie? I know that I do!

Cinema A La Carte KL.. from the screen to your plate, is a culinary film festival of flavours, cinema and solidarity which allows you to do just that. Happening from 25th ​October to 8th December 2016, six different restaurants in the city will prepare a special menu each which best represent the chosen movie.

This year, Cinema A La Carte KL celebrates its 2nd Culinary Film Festival, kicking off at La Mexicana Bangsar. We were invited to discover the gastronomic delights at its first venue, while enjoying the movie "Canela".

All proceeds from Cinema A la Carte KL this year will go to The Lost Food Project, a initiative to raise awareness in society about food wastage and reducing food waste in Malaysia, by donating to the needy. Did you know that a staggering 3,000 tonnes of food is thrown away everyday, just in KL alone?

Watch a movie and eat the food from the movie

After a short speech by the organizer, Ms. Natahalie Nunez, the lights were dimmed and the film "Canela" started rolling. Before long, we were served the first course of the evening, a delicious sope, which is a traditional Mexican snack. The sope has made from corn flour, had a crispy and soft texture, and was topped with shredded duck confit, queso fresco (homemade cheese) with a reduction of Jamaica flowers (aka roselle) and a touch of Chile Morita for a spicy kick. This was served with an aperitivo with the Mexican flag colours - green and red sangrita and tequila blanco Patron in shot glasses. Our fellow diner, a Mexican gentleman taught us to first drink the green (sour), followed by the red (spicy) and finishing with the tequila.

Next was a rich and comforting carrot soup, with coriander and ginger. The fresh Jalapeno chile at the bottom of the soup bowl lends spiciness to the soup and the fried tortilla added a nice, crunchy texture. This was served with a refreshing fresh guanabana and chia juice.

In the movie, Tere who is the restaurant owner of El Molcajete, a traditional Mexican food restaurant, loses her passion for cooking due to a tragic death in the family. Hence the restaurant hires Chef Rosi, who introduces fusion dishes to the menu, as she tries to make it a light, trendy cuisine.

So for the next dish, Chef Carmela of La Mexicana goes fusion and whipped up a ravioli filled with homemade requeson cheese and pumpkin flowers in a chile poblano salsa. I loved the sauce, it was so flavourful! The next two courses were served with a white and red wine respectively.

The movie centres around Tere's mole poblano, a classic Mexican dish with a thick, rich chocolate sauce. Tere makes her mole, the traditional way, while Chef Rosi yet again makes it in her fusion manner. A food critic comes to the restaurant and eventually chooses Tere's mole as the best mole she has ever tasted. All the restaurant customers also come especially for Tere's mole.

Chef Carmela also makes her mole the traditional way, and tops it on chicken and rice a la Mexicana and corn tortilla. I have tasted a few mole in KL, and this is definitely the best I've tried!

And for dessert, we were served Mexican-style coffee and cinnamon cookies, which Maria, Tere's granddaughter makes in the movie.

We enjoyed the light-hearted movie, which showcased the importance of Mexican food and family traditions. For me, it was a nice experience, getting to taste the dishes you see in the movie.

Chef Carmela of La Mexicana Restaurant and  Ms Natahalie Nunez of Cinema A la Carte KL (Photo credit: Cinema A la Carte KL FB page)

There are five remaining restaurants and dates for this event - Nathalie Gourmet Studio (1 Nov - RM270 ), Fong Lye (9 Nov - RM100), Chayo Cafe (22 Nov - RM70), Vina del Rey (30 Nov - RM188) and French Feast (8 Dec - RM270). Do check out Cinema A La Carte KL's Facebook page for more details and for the full menu of each event. Reservations can be made by emailing

Restaurant Dates & Dinner

Price: RM180 per person at La Mexicana for food, wine / alcoholic beverages and film.

Location: La Mexicana, 12 Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2201 7155

GPS Coordinates: 3.132901, 101.671069

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  1. I would want to watch The Hundred-Foot Journey.

  2. What an interesting concept! To eat the food featured in a movie. It would be nice of we could have one for Eat Drink Man Woman :D


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