Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day BBQ

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies...

Knowing how much Hubby likes barbecues, I asked him "Would you like to have a BBQ to celebrate Father's Day?" much to his delight. Plus he finally gets to cook AND eat the giant prawns that he bought a couple of months ago.

The highlight of the BBQ... these giant prawns... I think we paid about RM20-25 per prawn. Verdict: Fresh, juicy and super bouncy meat! Served it with some homemade garlic herb butter.

We cooked them for about 12 minutes on the BBQ

For the homemade garlic herb butter, place 50g softened salted butter with 1 clove finely chopped garlic, a handful parsley (finely chopped) in a bowl and mix well.

Another favorite BBQ items - grilled pomfret (bawal hitam) which we got from the fresh market earlier that morning. Stuffed the cavity with a mixture of sambal, daun kesum and curry leaves, and grill on the BBQ for 25-30 minutes. Served with two types of dips as well as some homegrown daun kaduk and ulam raja as accompaniments. Wrap the fish in the leaves with some of the sambal mix and eat! Yummmm :)

And chicken wings.... nowadays we tend to pre-cook the wings in the oven, then place it on the BBQ prior to serving to get the skin to crisp up (and a little char, if that's what you fancy). This way, you know that the meat is cooked all the way through... no chance of getting food poisoning! :)

This boy ate 3 wings!

And finally, some sweetcorn to finish off our wonderful Father's Day BBQ meal :)

To all fathers, have a wonderful celebration with your families.

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  1. Those prawns are huge! I had the same once - size of my arm...but no, who says size does matter? Not so nice when they are too big - they get a bit hard. These medium ones would be the best! Happy Father's Day to your hubby! Cheers!

  2. wah, look at those gargantuan prawns! happy father's day to hubby ... and to your whole family too! :)


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