Saturday, April 18, 2015

How To: Watercolour Art For Kids

Yay! The weekend is here again, which means lots of fun things lined up to do with the kids. But first, let me share what we did last week - watercolour art! :)

Although it was their first time, they were both very patient, listened and followed instructions well and did a very good job. See their masterpieces and you will know what I mean.

For younger children, you can help them sketch the drawing and they'll be more than capable to do the watercolour painting on their own.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend!

BabySumoKids First WaterColour Art :) 

What you need: Drawing block, palette, brushes of various sizes, watercolour paint, a cup filled with water (to clean the brushes), Kitchen paper (to dry your brushes), Pencil, eraser.

Suitable for kids 4 years and above. 

1. First, discuss and decide with your kids what they would like to draw. We chose to draw our favorite zoo animals - I gave Baby D a hand with his, but Chloe drew everything on her own.

2. Start with the background (like clouds and grass).. help them mix the watercolour paint with some water in the palette. Help them choose the right brush for the job - in this instance, since there is quite a lot of sky to colour, we use the big brush to speed things up.

3. Once the background is done, we continue with the next largest object in the picture - the tree. For the smaller objects like the animals, you can just use the watercolour paint direct from the tubs - more intense colour means they will stand out more in the picture too.

4. After the sky has dried in, you can add some clouds with white paint.

5. Personalise the art by writing your child's name at the bottom of the artwork. Allow to dry and frame it up! :)

Use the right-sized brushes for the job

Kids earlier that morning at the park :)

Breakfast - soft boiled eggs :)

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