Sunday, April 5, 2015

5 Things We Love about Easter

Happy Easter to all! Easter is the day where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For us, Easter is our second favorite celebration (after Christmas). Here are 5 reasons why we love Easter!

1. Easter chocolate eggs

 Who can resist these delicious chocolate eggs? Our favorite are the Cadbury creme eggs...  and this year, we also baked some hot cross buns for the occasion.

Nowadays you can get Easter chocolate eggs in all shapes and sizes... eg cute chicks and rabbits.

2. Easter egg painting

We love doing crafts at Easter time - especially egg painting! We would start collecting shells 1-2 weeks before Easter (simply empty the eggs out for cooking/baking, then rinse the shells with soapy water and leave to dry).

Get your water colours out and let the kids get creative!

PS Here are 5 easy and fun Easter crafts you can do with your kids.

A fun morning painting eggs!

3. Easter egg hunt

And since we have plenty of painted eggs, we're all set for our Easter egg hunt. We've been doing this with the kids for the past 3 years and they really enjoy it!

Put on their masks, basket in hand and a-hunting we will go! Both kids managed to get 10 eggs each, but Baby C was declared the winner since they found the bling bling egg worth 5 points! :)

And after our egg hunt, we had eggs for breakfast! Half boiled eggs as well as hard boiled eggs... eggs galore! By the way, for those with lots of leftover boiled eggs, check out this post.

4. Easter Bunnies

Don't we all love Easter bunnies? They're absolutely adorable. This year, both our kids dress up as Easter bunnies and we attended the Egg-cellent Easter event at Avenue K. 

A big hello from our Easter Bunny

Showing off their bunny tails ;)

We also baked bunny biscuits earlier last week. You can find the recipe here. The kids enjoying making these every year.

5. Easter BBQ

Easter is the time we have our annual BBQ dinner at home. Pomfret, chicken wings, corn, grilled prawns... yum yum!

So share with us what Easter means to you!

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  1. Happy Easter Yen! Your Children are so adorable. Cute bunnies!

  2. Happy Easter I enjoyed the egg hunting too ###

  3. Your kids are getting lovelier by the day! Happy Easter, all.

  4. the kids look very intent and focused on their egg painting... and super cute in their costumes!

  5. You're a Super Mum when it comes to Easter! No wonder your kids love it :) in England it used to be Easter bonnet contests, my mum would make me wear a bit silly hat with daffodils on hehe


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