Thursday, March 19, 2015

The New #MagicKinderMY Magic Kinder App

For me, weekends are best spent with family and doing fun things with the kids. Our weekends are usually filled with a myriad of activities - from outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging and swimming to indoor fun such as board games and educational, stimulating games on the iPad and kid's laptop.

Recently, a friend recommended a new app to me, called Magic Kinder. Magic Kinder app is developed by Kinder and is an interactive FREE application to provide entertainment and fun for the whole family in a safe environment. You can definitely bond with your kids over a few games and learn new things at the same time. In the app, you will find games, bedtime stories, puzzles, activities and more that can aid in your child's development.

You can download the app from the App Store or Google PlayStore to your mobile devices (ensure that you are currently set to Malaysian store) for free. Simply search for “Magic Kinder” and it should easily appear. In this app, parents and kids can log on differently (parents will need to insert a 4-digit passcode to access their page), and each child will have their own profile. You can also choose your own avatars - no surprise to us when Daniel picked a penguin (his favorite animal) as his avatar.

I think one of the concerns that parents have with apps is that their children spend way too much time on them or what their kids are exposed to online . Under Parental Control page (which only parents can access with a passcode), you, the parent are able to limit the number of hours per day your child can access this app, lock specific content and also choose to show only content suitable for your child's age. You are also able to monitor their activities.

Under Play & Learn, your kids can play lots of fun, educational games that will stimulate their logical and strategic thinking. Examples are Match for Two (memory matching game), Mathpath (solving calculations game for older kids), Sodoku, reconstructing puzzles and many more. Your child can also play certain games with their friends or other family members (but only you, the parent, can add friends that they can interact with so it's completely safe).

My favorite feature of the Magic Kinder app is Stories, whereby you can record the stories in your own voice and your child will be able to playback and delight in listening to your voice. The first story I narrated for them was "A World of Colours for Zac" starring a cute polar bear. Now they can play it over and over again, and they'll get to listen to stories on demand, not just during bedtime. Furthermore, I find this feature a really great tool for my daughter, in improving her reading skills (with "my voice" there to guide her). I can foresee myself recording more stories for the kids.

Planet is another cool feature - you can select certain regions around Earth and learn more about it. For example, in Australia, you can learn many interesting facts about koalas and then take a quiz to test your knowledge. A fun way to understand things and learn more about our planet.

Creator is dedicated in bringing out the creative skills in your child - you can print out activities for art and crafts or coloring pages. There are also cool videos you can watch and discover new things such as the animal world. Like the fact that pandas spend up to 14 hours a day eating bamboo as they're not very nutritious. And that a giraffe can grow up to 5.5m tall - wow! Daniel also gets to learn more about his favorite animal, the penguin :) There are also videos that show you how to make things out of recycled items such as guitars and crazy glasses.

Overall, Magic Kinder is a fantastic app especially for moms who are always on the lookout for educational and fun learning tools for the kids, so do check it out. I had fun exploring the Magic Kinder with my kids, and I know we'll be spending more time discovering all the fun and entertainment it has to offer. You can find out more about the Magic Kinder app on this website or their Facebook page or by watching this video below.

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  1. What a great way to entertain the kids. It looks like it would be fun and educational too! :D

  2. Omg, handling children is the hardest! this might actually help hahah

  3. this looks like a great product ... if i were five years old again, it'd be my favourite way to pass the time! :)

    1. even if i'm 5 years old again, my parents will not buy for me. books are all they will buy


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