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Molecular cuisine by Jeff Ramsey @ Mandarin Oriental KL

* You can now catch Jeff Ramsey at Babe Restaurant in KL.

We recently had an entire meal experiencing the magic of molecular gastronomy when Michelin-rated chef Jeff Ramsey was in town in May.  And what an experience it was!

The exclusive 20-course molecular tapas dinner menu was showcased at Casbah from 20 to 24 May with only two seatings per night. Each seating was limited to 10 people,whereby we were all seated directly opposite the chef for an interactive meal.

Delicious Scottish Martini at Marini's on 57 before dinner

 Casbah at Mandarin Oriental KL. Very dim lighting - excuse the dark photos, please!

With a total of 18 year of culinary experience across America and Japan, Jeff Ramsey was awarded one-star by the Michelin Guide Book Tokyo 2009 when he was serving as chef de cuisine of Tapas Molecular Bar for Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. The 20-courses are made up of small snacks/bites, followed by larger plates and then petit fours/dessert. Each course is put together or assembled in front of us for maximum viewing pleasure. Chef Jeff Ramsey is very friendly, interacting and explaining the dishes /methods he used to create them. :)

Edible Mai Tai
Compressed and impregnated pineapple

Panko buns, Japanese curry

Caesar Salad
Frozen, brioche toast

Steak and Potato
Warm potato mousse, onion jam
The potato mousse is injected inside the bun, very tasty indeed!

Golden Carrot
Saffron marmalade
A baby carrot coated in edible gold flakes, which isn't really a carrot. Slice into it and you will find rabbit meat rillettes - oh, the irony!

Amberjack, apple
Seared sashimi, shiso 
Loved this dish - thick, meaty sashimi eaten with ice-cold apple granita

Sliced Crab
Softshell, manga, coriander
This dish is a tribute to Japanese manga art - deep fried soft shell crab is sliced into two and placed onto a plate with silkscreen artwork made with black mayonnaise. It mimics the slashing sound effect of the crab being sliced into two.

-196 Tempura
Burdock, carrot, nitro tempura flakes
Tempura flakes are frozen with liquid nitrogen at -196 celcius, and added into your bowl. Very theatrical, with interesting umami flavours from the shrimp.

Duck duck goose
Duck confit, ducky crisps, foie gras
Very very good! Lots of great textures and flavours.

Mushrooms and the Earth
White asparagus, shiitake soil, embers

Yellowtail, grape, wheatberry
Red wine with beetroot

Samgyetang, 4-hour abalone
Black truffle, lily bulb
Truffle + abalone = YUMMMMM!

Roast lamb, very juicy
Z'atar, yogurt
We were advised to place the whole piece of lamb in our mouth as it is "very juicy". The lamb has been sliced open, and meat jelly is placed inside before being rejoined with meat glue. The meat jelly inside melts once the lamb is roasted.

Clam Miso Soup
Molecular bite-sized mouthful

Puffing passion
DIY tobacco-free smoke
I loved this the most because it is so much fun. A passion fruit meringue has been frozen with liquid nitrogen. Once we place it inside our mouth, we have to keep "chewing" and the effect is just like a puffing dragon! Check out the video.

Blueberries with laurel
Pure blueberry mousse, bay ice, lavender

Truffle, truffle
70% dark chocolate and black truffle ganache

New NY Cheesecake
Classic but different

Jasmine Gum
Jasmine tea pate du fruit

Matcha marshmallow
Green tea powder marshmallow

Thanks Hubby for this amazing treat! xoxo

Price: RM298++ per person.

Location: Casbah, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2380 8888

GPS Coordinates: 3.155514, 101.711555

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  1. How cool! Everything looks incredible. Hopefully someday I will be able to go to a similar restaurant :)

  2. The place needs better lighting.

  3. Golden carrot with rabbit meat? interesting eh? :D

  4. Great shots Yen! The food is beautifully presented and I always look forward to truffles on a menu :)

  5. i think Duck Duck Goose could be my favourite course! followed maybe by the very inventive lamb course :D

  6. I've always wanted to enjoy a molecular cuisine meal. The small group and many dishes sounds like a great way for everyone to get a very personal experience and try a variety of tastes. I LOVE the effects of the passion fruit meringue. Lucky you!


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